4 : 4 Breath

The 4:4 Breath is one of the many Rhythmic breaths the yogis have used for eons.

It brings about a calm and relaxed mental state, which is needed for a good night’s sleep.

The Universe is rhythmic in its activity, so why not us?

How to do it?

Sit in a comfortable position – or lie down in bed, making sure your body is in a flat and even position. Turn your focus to the inside of your forehead, as though you are sitting in a private cinema and looking at the screen.

On this screen, visualise a square made in light. Starting at the bottom left hand corner (as you see it), inhale up the left side of the square for four counts, hold the breath across the top of the square for four counts, then exhale four counts down the right side of the square. Remain without breath for four counts as you complete the bottom of the square.

Aim to repeat this until you fall asleep!

Rhythmic breathing is very relaxing and may be practised as long as you like.