Gita Hatha Yoga

Gita Yoga is a moderate form of Hatha yoga, accessible to everybody, which has been road tested here in Melbourne, Australia, for more than 60 years.

Gita Hatha yoga is a specific form of yoga for our times. It particularly targets the Endocrine gland system of the body.

Today our hormones are under siege from multiple directions – environmental, chemical, GMO’s and many other stressors which alter the ability of our systems to cope and flourish as we should.

The ancient teachings of yoga give us some potent tools to cope in these turbulent times of change.

The Gita Yoga system is based on ten classical postures with many variations suited to specific needs, so there is a suitable practice for everyone.  (see Yoga for You by Lucille Wood and Di Lucas)

The postures are done in a specific order, sequentially working and preparing the body for the next stage. In this way, the whole body is stretched, oxygenated, flexed and moved, giving maximum benefit with minimum energy and time expenditure.

Each posture is fully explained and instructed so that maximum benefit is achieved.


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