...about Gita Yoga

Yoga means union – of body and mind, spirit and matter - the balancing and integration of all aspects of life and being.

Gita Yoga encompasses, explores and expresses this in all its many levels.

Gita Yoga is for all people, regardless of race, age, gender, creed or religion.....including all and excluding none.

Gita World offers you the opportunity to explore these life concepts wherever you are, and as much as you wish.

You do not have to accept or agree to any or every concept, but have the freedom to explore those that interest or resonate with you.

Our perspectives are drawn from ancient wisdom and modern science, which so often lead to the same understandings of life.

Gita World is in its infancy. There is so much that we wish to share.

Join us as we set out on this new and unfolding adventure.