The Age of Aquarius

Can you feel it?  - a sense of excitement, an underlying pulse, an inner urge to move, to do…

This is the energy of Aquarius, the sign we are now moving into, heightened by the current Zodiac sign of Aquarius and intensified as we approach the Full Moon on 1st February.

It is known as the sign of the man, or the sign of Humanity, the human sign – or perhaps we should more correctly say, the humane sign, for it is the sign which brings the increase in consciousness causing social reform, higher consciousness, intellect, ideas, experimentation and change.                           

Just what we need right now!

Aquarius is known for its overview and objectivity, broadmindedness and inclusiveness.    It truly is the sign of the Brotherhood of Man…

Could humanity be growing up at last?

The energies pouring into our planet now are pushing us to connect, to wake up and see ourselves as part of something much bigger – like the cells in our body – needing to work together for the good of all.

 When the cells in a body refuse to co-operate and greedily think only of their own needs, we have an aggressive cancer.  Likewise, when people refuse to share and co-operate, we will destroy the very thing we depend on for survival.

The Aquarian energies are pushing us to think outside our own little selves, to be more inclusive and caring for the whole of which we are a part.

The greatest lesson in Aquarius is GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS – to think in terms of ONE HUMANITY and ONE LIFE.
The energy of Aquarius evokes Global Love, Compassion, Co-operation and a Global Outlook.

Aquarius is the great connector, building new channels for the flow of life energy – think Internet, space travel, energetic medicine.  The Aquarian Age will bridge the gap between Personality and Soul, between the physical and non physical worlds and especially between result and cause!

The sign of Aquarius is rightly called the sign of the Man, as the word ‘human’ comes from Humus -  meaning of the earth, and Manu  - the thinker, so a human being should be the ‘thinker of the earth’.

The in-pouring energies of Aquarius are pushing us to wake up to our true task as conscious beings and take up our role as the thinkers of the earth.  As more and more souls awaken to this responsibility, things will begin to change for the better here on this beautiful planet we call home.

Join many other awakening souls as we join together in Meditation at the time of the Full Moon in Aquarius on February 1st 2018.
Be part of the change to ‘HOMO LUMENS’ – enlightened humanity!