Autumn Equinox

Whilst we here in the Southern Hemisphere are enjoying the emerging signs of spring, the Northern Hemisphere is welcoming the mellowing energies of Autumn.  This is a time of culmination, of gathering in all the bounty of the previous
Spring and Summer’s growth.  Many cultures celebrate Harvest festival at this time, giving thanks for nature’s bounty in providing for the cold winter months ahead.

In today’s world, which is largely removed from the natural world, we can celebrate the past season’s ‘bounty’ of personal growth and learning, the obstacles overcome and the skills gained as our ‘harvest’ for the year.

We may not have laboured in the fields, growing our veggies, but we have been growing our ‘self’, which is a major contribution to world evolution – we are all part of something much greater, and any change in each one of us benefits the whole.  As we individually evolve, so does the world of which we are a part.      It is worth celebrating!