Autumn Reflective Rituals

Now, at this change of the seasons, is the ideal time to capture some of the last of summer’s bounty to help us through the darkness of the winter months.

It is the ideal time to stew or roast the last of the summer fruits, and freeze them for a desert to cheer you on a cold winter’s night (make sure you make small portions and seal them in bags or containers so you can thaw them quickly in hot water).

Perfect for winter pies or puddings!

Use the bounty of the last tomatoes and peppers to make a simple chutney or sauce to last the winter months. It sure cheers up the cold weather food choices! (and can be an instant sauce for pasta!)

If you make it yourself you can control what goes into it and eliminate some of the nasty food chain chemicals and GMOs which are making us sick - especially during the winter months.

Experiment with jam or marmalade making too. It is very easy to make and satisfying to eat something you have made yourself with love and care - this way, you get the goodness of the fruits without excessive sugar and can have a healthy toast breakfast occasionally!

These projects are simple and extremely satisfying, and will help to connect us with the seasonal rhythms. The process is extremely meditative also.

Look for recipes with minimal ingredients - basically fruit and sugar, or tomatoes and onions and sugar. The sugar is a necessary preservative – it is anti-biotic.

Just make sure all ingredients are organic and eat in moderation.

ENJOY! - both the process and the indulging!