Beyond Death…..

 As I write this, we have just returned from the Memorial Service of one of our very popular senior teachers, Vicki Gus.

It was a very moving service and the crowds of people attending showed the breadth of involvement she had with so many people of all walks of life.

Many expressed the feeling that it was all too soon for someone so young and vibrant to die. I think most of us would agree that it is always incredibly hard to know that we will not have the loved one’s physical presence near us ever again.

We all feel the loss most keenly.

However, we are more than our physical body – that is just the outer clothing which does eventually wear out, no matter how well we take care of it.

From the perspective of the Soul, the informing Spirit within, each life we choose a body and a personality which is most suited to the tasks we have undertaken to do in this life.

Like the clothes we may buy from time to time, some outfits wear better and last longer than others! 
 Here in the physical form, the personality doesn’t always remember what the tasks we have undertaken are for this life, so we can feel the body has let us down by breaking down too soon, according to our estimation.

What we don’t realise is that the Soul has the greater overview, and sometimes the physical difficulties are part of our chosen tasks and lessons.

They are not punishments ‘for being a bad person’ – just opportunities to learn things we needed to know before we could become more light filled, more loving, more useful in the world. There is no punishment in the Universe – only learning opportunities.

We often say, “But I would not have chosen this – it is so sad/painful/difficult”. Certainly, the personality would not have willingly chosen the difficult path – or would it?

Think of the times you have chosen to do something difficult because you would learn something valuable from it e.g., A long period of study to gain a qualification.

The study puts limitations on life at the time, but the long term outcome is deemed worth the effort involved.

It is just the same with the Soul – what can seem to us, as a personality, to be a very sad decision to exit the body ‘too early’, to the soul is a very expedient way to organise the learning for a life, without wasting time!

Several people also mentioned that they knew of other friends who had unexpectedly lost loved ones recently – that there seemed to be a ‘trend’ in conscious, good people leaving the physical form at the moment.

Yes, this is probably true. We are in times of great change at present, as we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This entails a very major shift in vibration and in our thinking as we have to learn to think in terms of energy rather than solid, physical mass.

Science has been trying to prepare us for this change by showing us clearly that everything that appears solid, is just energy vibrating at different speeds. We all nod sagely and agree, but still find it hard to come to terms with the loss of the physical presence of a loved one.

At times it is very hard to feel connected when you no longer can see the physical form.

It seems to me that there are quite a few conscious souls checking out now because they have a greater part to play in the future, as we move more into the energies of Aquarius.

By checking out now, they will have time to prepare for a conscious return to help bring in the new world of the future.

There are many such souls on the ‘other side’ (not currently in incarnation) who are going to play a vital part in the change to a more energetic way of being and living in the future.

Try this for an analogy – it may make it a little more ‘real’ for you. Go and look at a small fan – or the propeller blades of an aircraft. When they are not turning, the blades are perfectly visible and obviously there, present.

Now turn the fan on low. The blades will disappear into a blur.

If you turn the speed of the fan up, the blades will completely disappear altogether, just as if they do not exist at all!

It is exactly the same when somebody dies. We shed the dense heavy, slow, physical body, just as we take off a worn out piece of clothing and discard it. We still are the same ‘us’ – just wearing lighter clothing!

Like the blades of a fan, we are vibrating faster and therefore do not appear to be physical.

The vibration of the etheric and astral bodies is much faster than the vibration of the physical, and therefore is invisible to us, does not appear to be there.

It seems our loved one has ‘gone’ and left us, but in reality we just can’t see them.

Our physical body needs to evolve and undergo more refinement and development to enable us to see this much faster vibration with our physical eyes.

But………if we take time to go into the quietness, to be still and connect with our loved one at heart level, we will find we can feel their presence and talk to them just as we did in our physical meetings.

(In exactly the same way as we sense the fan’s vibration.)

Mostly we feel we have ‘lost’ them, when in reality, it is our tears and sense of loss in the personality which drowns out the possibility of connection, even though they may be desperately trying to connect with us!

The new Age of Aquarius is the age of energy. On this energetic level, all is accessible to us if we refine the body so that it can attune to and receive the higher vibrations.

That is why the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul said that in Aquarius we will have overcome death, meaning that we would see that there is really no such thing – there is only varying levels of vibration, allowing some things to be more apparent than others! (See ‘Ponder on This’, pages 64 - 67).

Jesus told his disciples this too, but they did not understand about vibration and thought that dead bodies would rise again, rather than the essential essence of the person, which is the eternal soul.

Perhaps in our times there will come greater understandings of this great truth. We are very familiar with the use of remote controls for everything via our phones and devices. These work via energy vibrating at a faster rate than we can see, but we do not question their use or efficacy.

Perhaps we need to begin to apply the same principles to life?