Cycles & Rhythms

In our busy air-conditioned urban lives, it is easy to lose track of the seasons and miss the important transitions that all of nature relies on for balance and meaning.
Perhaps this is at the root of many of our modern ills -  we are out of touch with the ‘real world’  -  the world of nature’s rhythms and patterns, finding ourselves all strangely lost in a world that has no natural anchors and boundaries.

We can re-establish some of these ancient patterns by tuning in to the Universal Rhythms and patterns of life -  the seasons, the moon cycles, the patterns of the Zodiac, etc, for they are common to all humanity.  They don’t belong to any nation, religion or creed, and like the weather, affect us all. ( whether you believe in rain or not, you still get wet!!)  When we have some understanding of how best to utilise these changes, we can flow with nature, rather than against it, and utilise the flow of energy the Universe provides.

Ask yourself the question, "What can I do to re-connect with these natural rhythms in my life?"

We invite you to join us as we suggest and explore some practical tools and methods of re-establishing the natural flow through our lives.