Full Moon

At present there are tremendous Cosmic forces entering the atmosphere of our planet Earth.  They provide the impetus for humanity's journey along the evolutionary path, which is the path of conscious development.

At the time of the Full Moon these energies are strongest, for they enter our Solar system, focussed by the Sun, and flow in an uninterrupted stream to the moon, which reflects the energies back to Earth.

Our Solar system is receiving these energies continuously, but at the time of the full Moon they are intensified for us on Earth.  The light reflected then is ten times greater than at the first quarter phase of the moon.

These energies are picked up by the human nervous system, which is most sensitive in acting as a receiver/transmitter for the energies.

Each month, our Sun enters the energy field of one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and thus the energy/light streaming towards Earth becomes coloured by the qualities of that sign and period.

At this time we can use meditation to align ourselves to act as positive transmitters of Peace and Goodwill.  That is why many individuals and groups who seek to serve humanity, gather together to meditate at this time.

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The next Full Moon will be Wednesday 20th February, 02:53 am AEDT

                                             Tuesday 19th February, 03:53 pm UTC/GMT

Our meditation will be held at 7:30 pm AEDT on Tuesday 19th Feb

The Zodiac sign is Pisces

We are presently in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius until Tuesday 19th Feb...

Aquarius is the sign of our times, for it is the sign we are about to progress into for approximately the next two thousand years.

Aquarius brings a whole new energy - a new wavelength - for us to adjust to and operate within.

It is all about energy and the realisation that everything is energy, even if it appears to be solid. 

It is through these energies that we can connect via our mobile phones and other devices.

It is due to the incoming energies of Aquarius that we are able to develop our minds further and push the boundaries of Science and medicine further.

It is up to us to use these energies for the good of all humanity - not just for our own selfish needs. 

As there is no organised group meditation for this holiday month, may we suggest a general focus for our meditations at this time?

Meditation Focus for Aquarius

Settle yourself in the quiet space, with the awareness that wherever you are, we are all connected, as if on the same radio band.

Have the thought that we are actually energy – see yourself dissolving into an energy field, rather than a person. 

Imagine your energy field melding with the energy field of many others all over the world, becoming one enormous force for good.

Hold this unified field vision clearly in your mind, knowing that the spiritual energy flowing at this time of the Full Moon will magnify the positive intent into a potent force for good. 

Then see the positive energy flowing to all, changing the negative forces into positive ones, with outcomes which will benefit all.


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Listen to the recording of the last meditation, in Sagittarius, here:


The full moon in Leo

...the Taurus Full Moon, as seen in Melbourne whilst we were meditating.....

...the Taurus Full Moon, as seen in Melbourne whilst we were meditating.....


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