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Gita Newsletter January 2019

2019 is a three year – 2+0+1+9 = 12 1+2 = 3

Three is a triplicity and is the number associated with the three dimensional world we inhabit. Everything we do or see around us has three aspects to it. Subject, object, verb; Self, not-Self, and the relationship between them: even a simple sheet of paper has three components – front, back, and the bit in between.

All major philosophies have three components, and our major religions have at their heart a trinity of forces, sometimes personified as three different entities or a trinity of linked beings or aspects - eg. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; or, as often used at Gita, Life-force, Laughter, and Love.

This is because we live in a world of matter, and matter has three dimensions. In other worlds, it may be different, but here on planet Earth the number three reigns! This may be why many people regard ‘3’ as their lucky number.

Three also refers to the third Ray of active intelligence – the ability to use the consciousness to work things out, to develop ideas, and clothe our thoughts in matter – to give life to our ideas and visions.

So……….. given these thoughts, I repeat the question of, “What is important to you this year?

Astrologically, it will be a year of change. There are many configurations in the skies which in the past have brought about major changes in society at large, as well as in individual lives. These configurations are bringing pressure to bear on us to change some of our unhelpful ways and make more lasting and positive choices.

As we have often said, now is the time of the Apocalypse – the times when ‘the hidden will be revealed’. We have certainly seen that happening this past year, with the Royal Commission into the banks; the churches and institutional abuse of minors, and the misuse of power and money everywhere!

The process is not yet finished, as the Universal intention is to encourage humanity to ‘clean up their act’ and start to live with honesty and clean, uplifting intentions.

We have been given many warnings and now the time is for forced action if we do not willingly take action on our own! Think climate change – the earth can only take so much misuse, abuse and pollution before it revolts in a major way!

Think volcanic eruptions, Tsunamis, Drought, Hurricanes, Earth quakes, Tornadoes and the like.

Melting of Polar ice caps, rising ocean levels and the corresponding climate changes will affect our food supplies as well as make much of the earth as we know it uninhabitable. There is a great likelihood of a pole shift, which will bring huge change according to the climate scientists. We will not be able to just turn on our air-conditioners and central heating as in times past – there will not be any fuel to run them!

It is hard for us to imagine returning to the primitive lifestyle of cave man times, but it well may be, if we survive at all! This has happened several times before in the history of our planet. It is not well recorded, except in myths and legends due to the magnitude of the catastrophes, but there is an ever-increasing body of research information confirming that these stories of old were not mythical, but very real!

These findings bear witness to great civilizations similar to our own, which have been totally destroyed due to the greed and corruption of the population of the time. As the many prophets have foretold, over the centuries, it could easily happen again if we do not learn our lessons!

In each case it was humankind’s failure to foresee the result of his actions which upset the natural balance of life and brought about the destruction of the world as it was then known.

Many religious texts recount the destruction of the world by the forces of nature out of control, brought about by humanity’s greed and corruption. It is not just scaremongering, but rather a plea to change our way of being before it is irrevocably changed for us!

Prophecy was never meant as a threat – rather more as a teaching tool – “If you do this, then that will happen …..”, giving us a choice and some power to change the outcome, much as we would do with a naughty child.

Just like the out of control child, we can stop and reconsider and change our actions and get the outcome we desire, or we can ignore the attempt to help us and bring about the disaster we really did not want e.g., being confined to home when we really wanted to go to the party with our mates.

This coming year, I believe will be a turning point - after which time there is no turning back, for we will have done too much damage to the Earth for it to be able to restabilise its systems and be able to continue as we know it (a little like a dying drug addict promising to give up drugs when he has already irreparably damaged his body).

We can change our ways – but we must make it a priority!

The misuse of power and authority must give way to compassion and conscious living. Greed and corruption must be changed to the welfare and equal opportunity for all.

Fairness and openness needs to be the benchmark for all dealings everywhere.

Ultimately, we are all responsible for ourselves and the decisions we make and the actions we take. We cannot blame anyone else, nor hold them responsible for our welfare.

The energies of Aquarius are all about self-responsibility and group awareness, i.e., how our actions and choices affect the greater whole of which we are a tiny part.

For this, each of us will answer to our Soul when we depart this life. This is the “judgement day” so dreaded by many and played upon by some religious groups! We ourselves - and not some greater being - will judge our actions, and, I suspect, a lot more harshly than we expect others might do!

So………… how about we enlist the aid of the Universe and use some of the “three” power we have around us this year to think things through a little more carefully, taking into the equation the effects near and far of our choices, as well as keeping the outcomes we really want in the forefront of our consciousness?

We can be a victim of change - or a creator of positive change for a better future.

If we really make an effort to use the balanced triangle of Light/Consciousness, Love/Ethics, and Power/Will energies a little more carefully and purposefully, I’m sure that together we can all make a big difference in this year of 2019!


As we move into Term One for 2019, we invite and encourage you to join us in Meditation and Philosophy Courses both ‘face to face’ and in the expanding online range of Courses, so together we can be part of the positive, creative change we want to see.

Love and Light,

Lucille & Di

WHAT’S ON IN 2019?

There are some very interesting offerings for 2019, both on line and some with contact sessions as well.

Available Online -

“The Magic of an Eight-Limbed Childhood”

Di’s long awaited “The Magic of an Eight-Limbed Childhood” is available online, in a neat package of 6 sessions (- actually, this has now been revised to include seven sessions!).

This is perfect viewing for new parents, as well as grand-parents seeking to pass on life’s wisdom in ways that will be useful for the newly arrived. It is also fantastic for others who act as S.O.S. to youngsters everywhere.

The Eight Limbs form an integral part of the classic Yoga Sutras and take a lot of study. This is a concise and practical set of scintillating tools.

You maybe will never know how you have changed another’s life until much later.

To register, visit our products page here…

ATLANTIS – the Missing Piece of the World Puzzle!

Since ancient times the mystery of Atlantis has been spoken of and debated hotly, with the argument raging for and against its existence in our distant past.

In the last few years there has been a great deal of non-related research which consolidates the case for the existence of Atlantis, and its influence all around the world of its time. This material explains a great many of the issues and problems the world and all humanity faces now!

Join me for an amazing journey through history, geography, science and medicine and Self! More info here ………….

Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Meditation is a very popular and successful Seven week Gita Course which we are now presenting online.

If you would like to have a simple, no nonsense exploration of the many benefits and styles of Meditation, along with practical, achievable exercises, then this ‘Intro’ Course is for you. Each week you will be sent the week’s information and lesson, plus the exercise to practice for the week.

The following week, there will be feedback on the practice, and new info and practice for the next week. This ensures you have time to ‘bed down’ the exercises as you progress along.

There is also provision for questions and queries to be answered.

Special price - $75 Register here

Time Change

Our regular Philosophy classes will continue in 2019 - This year, by popular demand and by changing the venue, the contact sessions will be on Wednesday evenings (Feb 6th & 27th, and March 13th) with Lucille’s class at 6.30pm, and Di’s at 8pm.

Q and A - Quest and Accomplish - with Di.

Asking Questions and seeking Answers allows us to Quest and Accomplish as a group, very joyfully and with purpose.

We will be asking how can inspiration and impact flow from Intellect and Intuition ? …and moving forward into 2019.

If you would like to be part of this ongoing group with Di, Register here, or contact us if you have any questions.

‘The Tibetan’, Study Group - with Lucille

Lucille’s study group will explore some of the writings of the Tibetan Master D.K., - especially those which deal with our challenging times. The Tibetan always said that he would not give predictions on the future, but careful study reveals many pertinent statements about our times in his writings!

We will attempt to become detectives and uncover some very useful statements about this current period!

If you would like to be part of this group with Lucille, Register here, or contact us if you have any questions.

Full Moon Meditations

full moon over collingwood

Our monthly Full Moon Meditation will now all be held in our Khuti Library, same address as our Gita World office in Abbotsford. Please visit the GitaWorld Full Moon page and register for updates, and you will be notified a week ahead of the meditation time.

N.B. - Full moon actual Dates are below, not the meditation times! If you put these dates in your diary now, you will be able to see them coming up and plan accordingly. Remember, Full Moon times bring especially creative and problem solving energies for us to use personally and to bring more peace into the world!

January 21

February 20

March 21

April 19


May 19

June 17

July 17

August 15


September 14

October 14

November 13

December 12

Spiritual Readings

Di is available for counselling sessions and Spiritual Readings. This is an opportunity to connect with your soul’s purpose, your reason for being, your drives and challenges and your strengths and weak spots.

It’s like a road map for life!

Spiritual readings are achieved by connecting with your Soul’s intent for this life by meditating together on your deep desire to understand your life’s purpose.

This wish to understand so as to be of greater service leads to an attunement and access to the deeper levels of our being, which is normally obscured by the busyness of everyday life.
Many times things which seem to be problems turn out to be the very thing we are needing for our next step forward!

For details, and to arrange an appointment, email us or Phone (03) 9416 3274

Teacher Training at Gita

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Meditation Teacher Training

Our very successful TEACHING MEDITATION COURSE is starting in February. This is in a completely new four module format, with much of the theory able to be done in your own time online. This makes it much more accessible for people ‘out of town’ but still has some contact dates for discussion and practice together. You may choose to do all four modules and gain certification, or just choose the ones which interest you, allowing you to deepen and enhance your personal practice.

Visit our Meditation Teacher Training page or email us for more info

Gita Gold Diploma of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Gita Gold Diploma of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course starts in June this year. Preparations are being made right now by several people intending to do the Course. Some are already part of the Earlybird program, which is a great foundation for the T.T. Course.

There are many benefits of learning to teach yoga at Gita – including being a very portable skill which is recognised world wide! Gita Teacher training brings self confidence and an ability to deal with challenging situations, as well as many ‘people’ skills. Gita Teachers are much sought after and always in demand. Ask someone you know about their T.T. experience!

This 2019/20 Course has been completely redesigned to allow much of the theory component to be studied online in your own time, which has made the costs more affordable and time more ‘do-able’. There is still a substantial ‘contact’ component for the true, deep learning experience as a group together. Distance option available.

Please visit our Gold Diploma of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training page or email us for more information.

Gita Teachers’ Guild


Our Gita Guild is a marvellous heritage and a wonderful gift from Gita teachers past and present. It is the sum total of all the wonderful effort and learning and teaching from teachers who have been trained at Gita over the last 40 years.

From our Guild came Yoga Australia, which is now our Australian Government recognised industry body, setting standards and training requirements for teachers of Yoga in Australia. From its beginnings as a Victorian entity, it has grown to become a national body. Recently it has expanded to encompass New Zealand Yoga teachers and is recognised worldwide as having some of the highest training standards!

We are very proud of the efforts and achievements of our Gita Guild Members and seek to support and encourage them wherever and whenever we can.

It is one of the ways in which we can make an impact on society by showing a unified and ethical approach to teaching Yoga and presenting a very high standard of training for Yoga teachers.

Look out for happenings and workshops through the year.

Tinkerbelle’s Tales

…me and my grandma a few years ago…

…me and my grandma a few years ago…

Oh boy! I was so glad to see in the New year !

I don’t normally go for those noisy sort of festivities, but the loud bangs of the fire works seem to have a type of cleansing effect on last year’s energies, which had become rather stuck in the negative.

I do think we are likely to still have a lot of challenges this New Year, but it feels as though everyone I speak to is ready for change, and that is a good thing! We have all seen what a little good will can do, like the rescue of the Thai cave boys last year - and we want more of it.

My wonderful grandma, Coco used to say, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, and she always was that.

She was very observant and always knew when someone needed support or a friend.

She was very careful about what she ate - especially if it was not organic, she just didn’t! - she knew how toxic and damaging such things are to our bodies.

Every day she spent time in meditation and always did her P.Y.R.(relax) sessions.

She hated to miss her regular Hatha Class, and often did several a day when she could.

She never missed her morning walk, even if it was raining - that was so essential to her, to connect with nature and keep her senses grounded, so that she could remain balanced and calm at all times, especially when she was dealing with so many people. Very wise!

When I think about it, she was pretty amazing – I wish I had taken more notice of the many things she was trying to teach me.

It is so true that you don’t know what you have until it is not there any more.

Hey, I guess that is what Mum is trying to say in the beginning of this Newsletter – wake up and think!

Be more conscious. Think of the consequences before you act. Change the world by changing yourself first!

Oh oh, I think I get the message!

Hope I’m not too late this time!

love, Tinkerbelle