The Aim of Gita World

In a world which is tragically divided and fragmented in so many ways, Gita International Yoga in conjunction with THE KHUTI FOUNDATION, has created Gita World to allow thinking people of like minds throughout the world to connect and share information.

We would like to be able to share the things which bring us together as one humanity – the universal truths and concerns shared by all humanity.

These are the origins of spirituality that go back to the beginning of time and belong to no particular creed or religion.  They are the birth right of all peoples everywhere.
When we live in harmony with the natural rhythms of the earth we are supporting ourselves to be the best version of ourselves we can be – and when we do that, the whole world benefits.

Our aim is to provide information and support for the things which unite us as One Humanity, rather than the things which divide us:


The rising and setting of the Sun -
The Moon phases and the tides -
The Seasons and the changes they bring – these things affect us all, irrespective of nation, colour or creed.

These are things are common to all mankind.   They do not belong to any one Race or Religion, which is man-made.  We all are affected by the rhythms of the rising and setting of the Sun, the Moon phases and the Seasons.   
Depending where we are geographically on Earth, each one will affect us to a greater or lesser degree.

Various Festivals and celebrations developed from ancient times to celebrate the survival and achievements of the times – Harvest time, Full Moons, Winter and Summer Solstices, and Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.

Much later, we created Religious festivals, often to coincide with the already established natural festivals.
As the commercial world began to take hold, the original meaning of the celebration was often lost in the promotion of a particular theme or viewpoint (think Easter eggs, Christmas trees and gifts in the western world).

Very soon we had forgotten the real reason for the celebration and caught up in the religious fervour, which was, at times, very subjective and divisive.  We lost our sense of One Humanity and squabbled over whose version was right, best, first and most important.  Worse, we went to war over it, aiming to eliminate all opposition to our ideas and viewpoint.

Maybe it is time to go back to the basics – to the simple things which we all share and experience – the things which are eternal and natural, and not just man-made.   They cannot be controlled by mankind.   These celebrations are universal and, as such unite us all in their universality.        Learn more...

 In celebrating them We are ONE!