Guild Meetings

OUR Gita Guild Meetings are set for the Sunday before the start of school term.

This is an opportunity to meet with your fellow teachers and share a light meal together.
The main happenings for the term ahead are shared, new Courses, Retreats, and other relevant information to us as teachers.

The Gita Teachers Communion follows the main ‘business’ of the meeting and gives us some insights into the period ahead, including the main Zodiac influences.
These influences affect us all, whether we realise it or not.  Very much like the weather, we all react to the prevailing conditions according to our particular makeup – heat tends to make us lethargic, but energises some people;  cold, dark days  make some of us feel miserable and more inclined to be negative and depressed.

It is useful to be aware of the energies affecting us, so that we can use them to our advantage and use the impetus they provide to help us move forward.

Teachers’ Communion is for all teachers, whether currently taking classes or not.  Come and be part of those ‘in the know’.