Guild Spring!

At last, we are beginning to see the signs of Spring and feel a little warmth in the sun. When we are missing the Sun, we realise just how dependent on the Sun’s light we are. Literally nothing happens here on Earth without the light of our own special star, the Sun.

We tend to take it for granted when we can just flick on a light switch and have light to read by, or heating to warm our bodies, but we almost always ignore the fact that without the sun, that electric light would not be possible!

The coal which runs our electricity generators come from trees which needed the Sun for growth, many millennia ago!

Yes, I know we have some Hydro generators, but even they rely on the Sun to create the water flow by evaporating the moisture in the oceans and eventually, through a complex system of movement via hot and cool air rising and falling, deposit the water in an area where we can create a hydro power plant!

Perhaps now is a good time to honour the Sun, by using Surya Namaskar, Salute to the Sun, in our classes?

The ancients did not have the technology we have today, but they were well aware of the critical importance the Sun played in their lives. This is why there are so many festivals and rituals associated with the movements of the Sun.

It was a good reminder to people to not take it for granted, to respect and honour all that its shining rays brought.

Today, we are able to see that many less obvious things, like our body rhythms and assimilation of food also rely on the Sun. Without it, we are unable to access the vitamins in food, no matter how nutritious or beautifully prepared it is.

So… How about supporting and honouring the Sun by making it a feature in our Spring classes?

Here are some suggestions:

* Use ‘Salute to the Sun’ as a warm up in classes – ideal as an ‘opener’ after the inward energies of winter.

* Use it as the Mudra, using the affirmations on the chart – or you may want to use one of the several alternative affirmations available. You will need to move more slowly when using as the Mudra.

* Base your class on the phases of the day the ‘12 in One’ represents, spending time honouring each period from rising in the morning to settling to sleep at night.

* Use the ‘Sun/Moon’ pranayama as a way to bring balance, especially at Full Moon time!

* The Maat Breath is also an ideal balancing breath for this time of the year as we experience the Equinox – the time when night and day are equal.

Remember, the 12 stages of Surya Namaskar represent the twelve hours of the day and the twelve hours of the night – an ideal way to celebrate the Equinox.

Currently, we have a special offer on Surya Namaskar posters.

You might like to offer them for sale to your students, or as a bonus for their loyalty, or put aside as a Christmas present – or as an incentive to pay in advance for their classes.

These posters are Margrit’s original illustrations from the 60’s which have been reprinted many times. Whenever we have updated the drawings, people have always preferred the originals, so they are really a part of our heritage!

Make the most of it!