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Gita World is a welcoming and growing online centre for people everywhere who seek answers to life's big questions, a meaningful life, and would like to create a better world. Gita World evolved from Gita International Yoga, and embraces a dogma-free, holistic, no-nonsense practical spirituality, a return to the natural rhythms of life - a meeting point of ancient wisdom and modern science.

Join us as we strive to grow a more caring and healthy world, by living our lives as an integral part of the whole.


Gita World is an initiative of the Khuti Foundation.  

Gita has been part of the evolution of yoga in Australia since 1954.  On the day of the Spring Equinox in September 1960, the Gita School of Yoga opened at 21 Alfred Place, a lane off Collins St, Melbourne.
Since then, many thousands of students have explored the multiple benefits of Gita Yoga, in different locations and premises, in Melbourne and around the world, and through the many teachers Gita has trained.

This website was born on the 57th anniversary of the day Margrit Segesman boldly opened the first full time Yoga school in Melbourne, Australia.

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To begin, there is also new specially recorded P.Y.R. (Relaxation) session from Di Lucas to welcome you to the website.

We are new and have a lot of growing to do!    New material is added regularly, so please visit often and be part of our journey, and make us a part of yours.
There are classes, meditations, ideas to explore, reading suggestions, thoughts to ponder, and much more as time goes by.

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Gita World is a practical initiative of the Khuti Foundation Ltd ACN 006 539 680