How to Make More Time in Your Life

Buy yourself a Diary – a week to a page is good – you can see what’s coming up!

Keep it on your desk or somewhere you see it every day.

Check the date of things coming up, especially things like Easter and School Holidays and mark them in your Diary – I use a colour code for public holidays and things which may effect me eg Football traffic etc.

Pencil in all the important events, even if there are many on the one date.

Next go through dates like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, traditional times for gatherings, etc and mark them all in too.

Finally, write in all the things you would like to do for yourself, also in pencil.

Now stop and go through each day and prioritise your events – from absolute must do, down to ‘if possible’.

Then write in the ‘musts’ in ink. They are now non-negotiable. If another event comes up, you simply say “l’ll check my diary – oh, no sorry I can’t come, I’m already booked that day”. Simple, no agonizing over excuses, end of story. Time and energy saved and no hard feelings – there is a prior booking!

Leave the pencil entries there. If the priority event is cancelled for some reason, you can choose to attend the next event in the queue – or have some extra free time for yourself!

Many of the hassles we get into are unnecessary, often because we are simply disorganized. It is often hard to make a decision on the run – that’s why a hard copy diary is a useful investment. Consult it each night before you go to bed, then you will wake up in the best state to deal with the day ahead. You can also see when preparations need to be made ahead, and often save time and energy by combining events.

Hard copy info is processed in the long-term part of the brain’s memory – screen memory is only ever short term!

Try this as part of your New Year resolutions – you will save time and energy and really reap the benefits!

Give yourself the gift of time…

Give yourself the gift of time…