In Transit to Aquarius - a quick preview

Welcome to “In Transit to Aquarius”

In response to the frequently asked question ‘What on earth is happening in our world?’ …

- Our world seems to be going crazy at present.

- People seem to have lost their direction.

- You can’t seem to predict or plan for anything with surety any more.

None of the old values seem to apply any more………..

I liken this present phase of evolution to waiting in the transit lounge of an International airport, that weird place of “nowhere land” – where you are neither at home, nor at your intended destination!

If you have travelled at all, you will know that feeling of being in limbo, where the old mores, standards and often language do not apply. All the familiar things of your home country are no longer available – and the intended destination with all of its expectations and benefits still seems far away.

This is the ‘place’ where we are at present - all of humanity and the planet as a whole. We are in transit to a New Age, a new vibration, a new set of values, perspectives and ways of being.

We are in unknown territory – we have only a hint of what it will be like from the writings of the mystics and visionaries - and these are easily misinterpreted and misunderstood, and often manipulated to serve the ideals of others.

We need some sort of guide lines to make best use of this transitional time.

Join me in this series of “In Transit to Aquarius” as we explore the possibilities and for some traveller’s tips to survive the waiting time!

Lucille Wood


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