Focus for the month of LIBRA :


"Act! For by not acting there is a choice by default"

LIBRA is the symbol of Justice, Balance and Equilibrium.

This quote came from the book 'Full Moon Meditation - an Evolutionary Journey', by L Wood and D Lucas, published by the Khuti Foundation in 1986 and now out of print.

'Full Moon Meditation - an Evolutionary Journey' traces the influence of the Zodiac Ages in world history, showing how humanity has used and integrated these energies for evolution since the dawn of time.

The state of balance and equilibrium is a dynamic state, where both polarities are evenly balanced in order to move forward.  If they are not in equilibrium, further effective forward moves are impossible.

As an air sign, LIBRA demonstrates that the things which must be brought into balance are often 'as elusive as air' - the intangible feelings, attributes and desires of the material self as opposed to the call of the Higher self, the spirit within.

It is often a period of experimentation, a weighing of cause and effect; action and consequence; a sense of dualities, even strong conflicts, as the energies of Mars, the planet of war (from the opposite sign Aries) exert their influence.

With the stimulation to develop the mind in the Age of Aquarius, the lessons of Libra will become more obvious and easily assimilated.  It is the use of the mind which will help to bring about balance within the life, in the future.

The ability to observe the points of imbalance and to consciously work on them, re-establishing the point of equilibrium, will be greatly enhanced by energies of the planet Venus, the planet which unites heart and mind.

We can begin to create the balance within ourselves by firmly establishing balance with the physical body, by working with Hatha yoga to balance the energies and harmonise the Endocrine gland functions.

Paying attention to what and how we are eating will also make a big difference.  We often do not realise how compromised our food supply has become, or how out of balance our eating patterns are.  Incidentally, this can also greatly affect our sleep quality and thereby our general balance.

This will greatly facilitate the balancing of the swings of mood and emotion, thus freeing the mind to function more clearly and intuitively.

Naturally, this all leads to a more balanced life in all its aspects - and this contributes to a more peaceful and balanced world.


Libra is a time of choices - choices made consciously and deliberately, after assessing the facts - or choices made by default - from lack of thought or action.