Lung Cell Stimulation Breath

Lung Cell Stimulation breath ( ‘Tap and Slap’ ) is great to do in winter as it makes sure all parts of the lungs are being used  so that there are no lazy parts to harbour germs.

The ‘Tap and Slap’ breath is a winter favourite at Gita. It is fun to do, as well as making us feel good. The tapping and slapping cause a vibration deep in the lungs, which tends to loosen any congestion. It is laughingly referred to as ‘the bug-frightening breath’, imagining the fright a bug may get when its cosy warm winter habitat is suddenly disturbed by a super charge of fresh oxygen vibrating through the lungs!

Be sure that your wrists stay loose and floppy during the tap and slap, or you will bruise yourself with little benefit!                            

The aim is to create a percussive effect.