Maat Breath

At such times, the MAAT BREATH is a lovely way to acknowledge the need for balance, even in our breathing patterns.  

The Egyptian goddess Maat, known as “ she who keeps the world in balance “, is pictured as a beautiful woman with arms outstretched as wings.
It was said that if one feather of her wings was to go missing, the world would tip out of control.

  1. She wore a single feather as a headdress- the feather of truth. It was this feather that the heart was weighed against at death. If the heart weighed more than the feather, then there was some ‘unfinished business weighing heavily on our heart’ and we would need to return to earth once more to fix it before being allowed to rest in Heaven – hence our idea of ‘judgement day’.

( It probably was also the origin of the saying ‘no rest for the wicked!’)


Stand upright with the feet hip width apart.

Exhale, allowing the body to become limp, i.e. head hangs, shoulders droop forward, body slumps, lifeless.

Focus on the sense of emptiness, lifelessness, utter death like stillness.

When the body needs breath, raise the arms sideways, coming parallel overhead, feeling the life force drawn in with the breath, calling the body back to activity, vitality and strength.

Hold the breath in this position with the vision of dynamic strength, energy, and vitality, until you need to release and again return to stillness.

Allow the breath to release, arms returning sideways to stillness.

Repeat this sequence seven times, being fully in the experience, then release the technique and return to upright, breathing normally.   Pause and notice how quiet and balanced you feel, then quietly resume your normal activity.

The Goddess MAAT is the principle of truth, the point of balance between extremes, the centering, dynamic stillness.

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