Meditation at Gita

There is a great deal of hype about meditation in today’s world. Claims that it can fix everything from a broken heart to a better parking spot are perhaps a little over enthusiastic!  However, despite all of this, there is much to be gained by a consistent practice of Meditation.

 Meditation is a natural state of being, albeit one we have lost in our busy modern lives. In a world constantly on full steam ahead, there is a great need for a way of gaining time out, of being still, of listening to the inner voice of the soul.

Meditation can be defined as a journey inwards into our deeper self.  It shows as a particular brain wave pattern, as seen on a brain scan.        
This state can be reached in many different ways – from sitting quietly in a cave, to running along distances, listening to music, working with breathing exercises, repeating a mantra or sitting contemplating the sunset.   It really depends on the individual…

There is no ‘one right way’ to meditate–  there are as many different ways of meditating as there are people in the world.

One technique may be ideal in one time and place, another in a different circumstance.  It is important to have several methods in our ‘kit bag’ for when circumstances change, or conditions are less than ideal.

We will be posting some suggestions here on our Gita World, also guided meditations for you to share from time to time.