Gita Diploma of Meditation Teacher Training

After listening to so many of you who are drawn to the Gita Diploma of Teaching Meditation Course, but finding it impossible to accommodate the required hours in today’s busy, full-on life, we have re-designed the Course to allow it to be taken in a series of four modules.

These modules may be accessed online, with some contact sessions to provide support, discussion and clarification to the material.

The first three modules can be done as stand alone units, but must be fully completed in order to take the final, practical module, which will draw on all the previous modules, and complete your Gita qualification to teach meditation.

When this is completed satisfactorily, you will be eligible to join Meditation Association of Australia, the national body representing Teachers of Meditation.

This Gita Diploma of Teaching Meditation Course is a comprehensive program for those who wish to learn to teach meditation.

Already a meditation teacher?…or just wishing to deepen your personal practice, or explore the benefits of meditation further? - you may choose to do all of the units – or only the one which addresses your needs.

However, in order to qualify as a teacher and gain your Gita Diploma, all units are required.

Please note, for those wishing to teach, units 1-3 must be completed before the major practicum of unit four is possible.

The Gita Diploma of Teaching Meditation Course is Broad, Practical, Pragmatic, Accessible, and Supported.

Gita International has been teaching continuously here in Melbourne since 1960 – that’s nearly sixty years of experience!

Take advantage of this vast experience to deepen your own inner state and help make the world a better place!

Please contact us for more information.

Gita Diploma of Teaching Meditation Course has been totally re-designed in order to be more flexible and accessible in today’s busy world.

We now are offering a four module format, with much of the theory available online in your own time.

There will be two contact days in each module, in order to discuss and explore the concepts presented.

These contact days are a valuable and supportive part of the learning and are a essential component of the Course.

They will be on a Sunday 10 – 5 pm at a venue near the inner city.

Special, individual arrangements will be made for genuine distance students.

Unit One –


* What actually is meditation – and what is not meditation?

* How can we really know if we are getting it right?

* Do I have to be spiritual to Meditate?

* Who first thought of meditation?

Unit Two -


* The ancients used it, but their world was very different!

* What if I already tried and failed?

* It is such an ancient practice – is it relevant today?

* What is Consciousness?

Unit Three –


* Stress, health challenges and performance levels

* Biochemistry, healing, and change

* What’s going on in my brain?

* Creating a sense of security in a very insecure world

Unit Four –


* Effectively sharing what we know

* Creating a class

* How to deal with difficult situations

* Consciousness and its ramifications

Some of the areas we will explore are:

(not necessarily in order)

* Meditation - Ancient and Modern, secular, religious/spiritual

* Basic Anatomy and Physiology, as it pertains to meditation

* Meditation as Therapy - physiological and mental conditions

* The Brain and its workings

* Cognitive neuroscience and neuroplasticity

* Current research findings

* Relaxation v's Meditation - what's the difference?

* Stress and its effects - common related illnesses

* Various meditation approaches and styles

* Class management and communication

* Counselling and Life questions

* Clinical applications and limitations of meditation

* Managing side effects and difficult people

* The role of the breath, posture and attitude

* Dealing with distractions and blockages

* The Mind/Body connection

* Concentration and focus

* The physiology of Stress, the HPA axis, hormones, diet, mindset, etc

* Giving students a bigger overview of life

* Creating your own reality

* Some life questions and answers

* The importance of music and how to choose

* Meditation for World Peace

* The importance of the Full Moon energies

* Traps to be aware of

* Points for personal discipline

Please contact us for more information.

We welcome expressions of interest, and will provide you with further course information on request. The dates of the next course are yet to be finalised, these will be provided when confirmed.