Gita Diploma of Meditation Teacher Training

2018/19 Meditation Teacher Training Course

The next Gita Meditation Teacher Training Course is starting in Spring - a fitting start for those who are dedicated to bringing a little more light into the world!

It will be similar to previous Courses in content, but more accessible online for those with time constraints or at a distance, which means some self responsible in reading and research, with some written responses to show your comprehension and assimilation of principles of the material.

There will be some face to face time, but once every two months, rather than monthly, as in the past.

Teaching of any sort, whether general education, yoga, meditation or any other field, requires that we grow and develop ourselves - it is not just about the facts and techniques of the subject.

We teach what we personally are - and never more so than in Meditation!  It requires that we be ‘real’ - walk our talk, have direct experience of our subject - in other words, really live it!

The Gita Teaching Meditation Course is no easy quick Diploma.

We pride ourselves on in-depth study and learning in the ancient tradition, but all based on the latest research and understandings, as well as all the associated aspects of care and responsibility for our students.  

You may decide to do the Course for your own learning and extension, rather than to teach, either way you will be challenged to grow and develop yourself.
Please let us know if you are interested and we will send you application and registration details.

* There are special arrangements for distance students - please contact us.

In a nutshell -


Please contact us via this link for an application form.


Please contact us for an application form.