As the seasons roll on, so the scenario in all of nature changes.
From the tentative new shoots of the very beginnings of Spring, the growth strengthens and becomes fuller, until all of nature appears lush with delicate green foliage.

Just as nature changes the way she operates, so should we!

From the first tentative stretches out of our winter hibernation, we move to more deliberate extensions and positive outreach for growth.  The body is ready for more extension and challenge, so it’s time to step up our practice to include more opening and stretching work.

Think spine lengthening, chest and hip opening limbering.
Think lung expansion breathing.
Try a slightly more active Hatha program to match the outward movement of spring growth eg. Triconasana instead of seated spine twist; Ustrasana instead of Setuasana; Dhanurasana instead of grasshopper.

These will all open us up to the new season energies, bringing us in line with Nature’s growth and development.

At this time, it is also good to re-look at our eating.  What the body was needing in the coldest part of winter is now quite different in the midst of Spring.
The heavy warming, fuel foods need to give way to lighter, nutrient rich, ‘growth’ foods.  Fresh fruit and vegetables in season, plus more protein in a lighter form, more lightly cooked………..but move gradually from the old to the new, just as Nature does.    A sudden change will shock the body rather than support it!

Lastly, just as we tend to Spring clean our home at this time, it is also an opportune time to spring clean our spiritual home – our body – with a detox/cleansing using herbal teas and drinking more fresh water.  It does make a difference!

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere this naturally works in reverse, and is a lovely illustration of the cyclic nature of life, as we begin to wind down from the outgoing energies of summer, and prepare for the more reflective, restful space of winter.