The Month of Gemini

Welcome to GEMINI!

How time flies - we are up to the third of the three Great Spiritual Festival signs already!

Gemini, the sign of the twins….. duality….. either/or….. two ways of doing things….. you get the picture?

And doesn’t that just typify humanity at present? Whether it is climate change, human rights, equal opportunity, etc, it is all out there - those who are all for it - or those who are dead against it!

GEMINI is the story of the twins, Castor and Pollux, one mortal (Castor) and the other immortal. They were very close, and when Castor, the mortal twin was killed, Pollux asked his father, the god Zeus, to allow him to join the immortals in the sky as twin stars.

Since ancient times the twins are said to represent the Personality and the Soul, both inextricably linked together in order to fulfill their destiny.

In the same way Castor, the mortal twin, represents Humanity, whilst the immortal twin, Pollux, represents the Soul. Both are inextricably linked together - in life, the personality is needed as the agent of the Soul, carrying out the Soul’s purposes, learning the lessons and gaining from the experiences. The Soul needs the Personality to operate in the physical world.

Likewise, the Personality cannot exist unless the Soul is there to give it a purpose for being. The Soul is the life principle, the cause of being. We cannot ‘be’ without it.

As evolution progresses, the influence of the personality wanes and the soul’s influence strengthens, and we become more of what we could be, more like our true self, or Soul. We begin to live as ‘Spiritual Beings having a Human experience’.

It is interesting to note that scientists say the light of the mortal twin star is fading, whilst the light of Pollux, representing the Soul, is becoming brighter! Perhaps this is an indication that at least some of humanity is becoming more Soul oriented?

So what are the energies of GEMINI telling us?

That it is pointless waiting for someone or some outside ‘thing’ to save us. That Humanity has to make the effort to become more conscious. That the energies of Aquarius are the energies of self responsibility and that it is up to us to choose a better way of doing things. That we are now at a stage in our evolutionary journey that we are able to look back on past experience and learn from it. That we can build a better world if we make better decisions. It is up to us!

If all the conscious people in the world joined together, we could make some big changes very quickly. Conversely, if we do nothing, chaos will reign - and probably disaster will follow!

This is why it is so important that we connect with other conscious souls, especially at the time of the Full Moon. This strengthens our own intent and supports the growth of others.

Meditating together intensifies the energy and stabilises the effects, enabling the energy to be used more effectively in the world.