Energies for the Month of Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth sign in our Zodiac journey. It completes a specific sequence of energies designed to help us to grow and evolve before we commence a new cycle, but this time on a higher turn of the spiral.

This pattern is repeated year after year, giving us chance to revise certain lessons, re-experience others, and be tested on our learning. Often, we are given the same lesson in a different guise, just to see if we really have learned it!

The whole process is very much like our years at school - we essentially repeat the same subjects each year, but with ever increasing difficulty and complexity! And we are tested on each one just like in school!

Interestingly, we have twelve zodiac lessons and we usually have 12 years of formal schooling. I suspect this is no coincidence. The Universe has a habit of linking many diverse things together for our ultimate benefit!

As we have often said, life is a schoolroom and it is up to us how we learn. We can do our lessons diligently and complete our schooling on time - or we can play around, have to repeat lessons and grades, and take an extended amount of time to achieve just the basics!

This approach leaves us feeling inadequate and somewhat foolish, as all of our compatriots have long since moved on. We also tend to feel that we have missed out, that we lack much that others have and that life has somehow passed us by!

So………… Pisces is an opportunity to clarify where we are at and where we want to be ……..and then work out what to do about it.

No wonder it is called the Harvest sign!

Pisces is a very sensitive sign, as it is a water sign. Water is very distorting - just look at something under water - it is quite different from reality!

It is a sign that can easily over-dramatise the emotions and feelings, hence the great sensitivity at this time. Not surprising that tears are made of water!

If the Soul is not in control, the personality will be running on hyper - and likely inadvertently creating much stress and trouble for itself- all of which must be resolved before we can move on. We have to first learn our lesson!

This is why Pisces is often a sign of suffering - which needs to be resolved before we can move on to become the ‘World Server’ we are meant to be.

If we learn all our lessons and complete our schooling successfully, our task is to turn and serve humanity, helping others to learn as we have done.

If we do not learn the lessons, then the sensitivities of Pisces are turned in on themselves and can become quite destructive.

‘Stronger than he thinks, wiser than he knows

- dare to swim against the tide’