‘May you live in interesting times’ was said to be an old Chinese curse – or blessing, depending on the time and circumstance!

This rather sums up the energies of Scorpio, for depending on how we react to the intensity, they can be either!

We do live in the most interesting times – times of great change, turbulence and high energy – times of great opportunity!

A time for humanity to change from being the Scorpion to the Eagle-  from the personality to the Soul.

Scorpio is about tests -  have we learned the lessons, or are we still repeating the past?
It is about the battle between the Soul and the Personality for control of the life
will we crawl on the earth, biting and stinging like the Scorpion when challenged -  or will we fly like the Eagle, in ever higher circles to gain the overview of the Soul?
Will we leave behind the Personality limitations?
Will we expand into the greater knowingness of Spirit?

Scorpio is the sign of transmutation –
    From crude iron to steel
    From passion to purpose
    From personality to Soul
    From death to life

In order to make this transmutation, we need to face the fears, deal with the hard stuff, let go of the superficiality of modern day living and acknowledge the Soul has the overview and plan for this life.
This does not mean we have to give up all and retire to a cave to live a holy life – far from it!

It just means we have to stop letting the personality rule the life, as if it knows everything!      Like the Scorpion, the personality has a very limited view of the world and makes decisions from that limited perspective – like giving your two year old the keys to the car!    Not a good idea!

The energies of Scorpio are meant to push us to look a little higher, to ask the Soul for guidance, as it sees life from a much higher perspective.  Like the Eagle, soaring high above the Earth, we can gain a greater overview of the situation and have a clearer picture of what is really happening when we listen to the Soul’s guidance.

Today humanity is very complacent.  We operate on deeply ingrained patterns of the past – survival patterns which are very ‘scorpic’ and personality based.
Our challenge is to change these patterns and go beyond the ancient habits of fear and retaliation to see the bigger picture.

It is time for us to become the Eagle – our technology, our commerce, our travel, our World is global-  and yet we are still acting as we have to defend our own personal hole in the rock!
It is time to let go of old habit patterns and move fully into the 21st Century.     Time our actions caught up with the global world we have created.  Time to become the Eagle!

Scorpio is a crisis – an opportunity to do things differently. The challenge is the opportunity to change!

Yes, Scorpio is the ‘House of Death’ – of the old ways that are no longer working, of old attitudes that no longer serve us, of past grievances that need to be healed – so that we can become free and“Fly like the Eagle”

That is the Test ofScorpio!


Sit in a comfortable position, ideally on the floor, with the back straight and the shoulders relaxed.  It is important that there be a full supply of blood to the brain whilst meditating, as meditation is active work in concentration and focus.  Lack of blood supply to the brain causes us to be hazy in our thinking and unable to keep a focus.

Take time to become very still, so that the only movement is the breath in and out……………

Become very aware of your physical body – your muscles, your heart beat, breath, skin, etc.

Then move your attention to the area round the heart, the heart centre. Become aware of a light there – an awareness of yourself as a Soul, the real ‘you’.

As you continue to focus, feel yourself gradually lifting upwards, towards the top of your head.  Soon you feel yourself slipping out of the crown centre and spiralling upwardstowards the light, like the Eagle taking flight.

Look down on yourself (physical/personality) as you begin to soar upward into the realms of light………..

Feel the lightness and the freedom of the greater overview, the clarity of the bigger picture.

Hold yourself there in the light, allowing the energies of the Full moon to irradiate your whole being………………..

Then, gently spiral down towards your body once more, carrying with you all the light filled energies for transformation this Scorpio Full moon brings……..

Sit quietly for a few moments, allowing them to be anchored within you………….

Then quietly resume your daily tasks, knowing that your view of them will be different because of this quiet time…..