Peace Breathing

Peace breathing has been a tradition at Gita for over 60 years, and takes place on the first complete week of each month.


For the week of Monday 4th November 2019

Scorpio and Peace may seem like strange bedfellows with its intensely strong testing energies - energies which seem determined to push us over the edge!

However, they are part of our Zodiac journey also. We all know the sense of satisfaction when we have passed through a challenge or test. We feel a sense of power in our knowledge and greater surety in our experience. Tests are part of the journey, and are good for us! - even in Peace Week!!! - can we keep the Peace under pressure? Can we still be peaceful when everyone else is ‘at war’? - or is peace only for the good days?

Scorpio tests our past directions and choices to see if we really are online with our Peaceful Intent.

Peace Breathing

Please explain our tradition of Peace Breathing and give a brief outline of its purpose:

·       Creating positive thought forms

·       The incredible power of thought is now scientifically proven

·       We become what we think, etc.

·       The group energy is multiplied many times

·       Energy follows thought


See yourself in the middle of chaos - it may be at work or home or whatever.

Around you everyone is criticising your choices, your decisions, your ideas.

Before you make any responses, pause a moment, and see the higher aspect of Scorpio, the eagle, and use it to fly up above the situation, and review from the overview.

See the pressures that others are under, see the bigger picture.

Then formulate a response which would bring some peace into the situation (this is not a justification of your choices!).

Hold it for a moment in the light and then give your response.

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