Philosophy at Gita

Philosophy means learning about life !
I wish we could give every one a philosophical overview of life, for it offers a framework for every day living.  When you have the larger overview, a lot of things which seem nonsensical, begin to make sense - otherwise it’s like trying to do a 10,000 piece jigsaw with no picture to guide you.

At Gita, our philosophy is drawn from the ancient wisdom teachings of many cultures and times.  These teachings, when viewed from today’s world perspective, are often saying the same thing, but in the language of their times and places.

Sometimes, we need to hear the same thing in a different way, or from another person, for it to really make sense to us.

Our task, here at Gita, is to reinterpret the wisdom teachings in modern terms, in order that we are able to make sense of life.

Gita Philosophy is not about signing up for a belief system, but rather having the opportunity to explore another perspective to see if it works or feels right for you - a little like the “free trial period” offered by some companies for their products.  There are no expectations – just information.

Some of our Courses are short term, others extend over several school terms as the subject may require.  We are also planning an online introduction to the Yogic Philosophy, which is an excellent way of becoming familiar with this way of thinking.  Watch this space!

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