The Seven Rays

If you are one of many people who has heard of ‘The Rays’ being mentioned in some of the Wisdom teachings and writings, you may have wondered what is meant by the term.

This online Course is an introduction to what is a very vast subject indeed!

The Rays are basically the vibration of all that is.

Nothing exists in all Creation outside of them  -  so it is a very big topic!                                                                              

This seven part Course is aimed at demystifying this stupendous concept, which is often surrounded with mystery and hushed awe!  This introduction to the Rays will necessarily be a simplified overview, aiming to give us the ability to recognise the various Ray qualities at work in our everyday lives.

The Course consists of seven sessions including videos, reading and questions.   If you are interested in this course, email us if you have any questions, or click on the image below to register and receive the course content.