Pranayama at Gita

…the benefits of Breathing!

Pranayama is the Sanscrit word for breath control.
It is made up of two words, Prana – meaning life force or vitality, and Ayama – meaning conscious control and direction.

The ancient yogis developed many breathing exercises as ways of increasing the energy in the body, healing many ills, and changing their states of consciousness eg. calming, sleep-inducing, or strengthening.

Today, due to many pollutants, our air is less vital than it used to be, which makes us more vulnerable to stress, illness and disease.  This is where the use of specific Pranayama can really help.

By its very nature Pranayama is very precise and specific, so always follow instructions carefully and never strain!   Our intention is to train the breath – not practice stressing the body!

The Yawning Breath

4 : 4 Breath

Maat Breath

The Sweeping Breath

Lung Cell Stimulation Breath

Lung Expansion Breath

SURYA CHANDRA – the Sun/Moon breath.