Gita Bali Retreat 2020

We have now completed our beautiful Winter Retreat in Bali for this year - stay tuned for details of our 2019 Retreat at the same time in 2020!

A number of us are already saving up for next year’s Retreat at the same time…from June 26 to July 3 2020 - plan ahead to join us!

Midway through the working year, just as winter is setting in seriously in Melbourne, is the ideal time to retreat and recharge!

Wherever you are in the world, plan to join our Gita community in paradise, at the Gita Bali Winter Retreat at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa!

Saturday June 29th - Friday July 5th 2019

Arrive - by evening Bali time on Friday ready to wake up in paradise and begin Retreat activities on Saturday, stay at least until the retreat concludes on Friday afternoon.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa have provided us with special rates for a Garden Villa, or a Hotel room. (These remain unchanged, at US$245 per night and $195p/n respectively, and are the same for single/dual occupancy).

Enjoy daily yoga, relaxation, and philosophy/discussion/meditation classes, lounge by the pool, or enjoy a session in the very special Maya Ubud Spa !

Airport transfers, and (amazing!) buffet breakfasts are among a number of inclusions.

Plan ahead to indulge in a mid-year recharge on all levels - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual !

Contact us at to express interest, or if you have any questions about this retreat.

For booking and payment click onGita Retreat Fee” info below to go to our product page and confirm your place:

Gita Retreat Fee - Confirm your place for our June 2019 Retreat

This is your Gita Retreat fee.  It covers your bookings, classes, transfers and other inclusions.  When you pay this, we will arrange your accommodation at Maya Ubud Resort and Spa, and your airport transfers, according to the flight details you have provided to us.

Book your flight, we will arrange your airport transfers in Bali & your accommodation at Maya when we receive your retreat fee. You will pay for your accommodation at the hotel.



2020 Gita Bali Retreat Theme ?

Watch this space for details …


Why go to Gita Retreat in Bali?

Our Retreat space at Maya is very special on many levels - the accommodation, the meals, the facilities, the surrounding environment, and most of all, the people. We have been going to Maya for many years and have become part of their ‘family’. People often remark that they are treated like royalty here, with superb service that ‘goes the extra mile’.

Maya Yoga Pavillion

Gita Yoga at Maya

Maya Resort has a specially built Yoga Pavillion, surrounded by lush greenery. Our daily Gita yoga sessions will take place in this tranquil place. We will also have our discussions, Meditations, and Relaxations in the Lounge overlooking the gardens. This ensures that we have exclusive use of the space for our Gita activities. Every possible comfort has been thought of to ensure that your stay is nurturing and memorable.

Maya Gardens

* Brochures and pictures do not capture the unique atmosphere of MAYA

- it has to be experienced!

Pool at Maya

People ask us why we bother to travel to Bali (or elsewhere) for a Retreat.

For many years we have traveled the world and noted the immediate change in the brain and thinking which occurs when you travel Internationally…..


Preparing and packing puts the brain into a different space of forward and different thinking, getting it out of the usual busy mode.


Going to the International airport provides a totally different experience to everyday living, jump starting the change process.


Arriving in Bali brings a whole new raft of sensory input for the brain - smells, sounds, sights, language, etc.


In a foreign country, customs, food, language, even timing is different.


For a specific time you are out of your usual routines and familiar space - this allows other things to surface which may otherwise not have space to do so.


You have deliberately given yourself time and space out of the familiar to try out a new idea or way of thinking and being.


Your mind is free from preoccupation with everyday activities, as it would be at home.


These are some of the things that give International travel much greater value than the $’s investment represents. It is an opportunity to reset your thinking to a different level of being in a very short space of time.