The Energies of SCORPIO

As the cycle of the year progresses, we move into the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is often regarded as a challenging sign, as we are being tested on our learning and growth over the past 12 months.  Naturally, if we have done our homework and learned our lessons, it can be a time of celebration of achievement!
 However, for most of us, we are playing ‘catch up’, so it is regarded by many as the most difficult sign of the year.

The common symbol is the Scorpion, the creature which will commit suicide by stinging itself to death when faced with a difficult situation, rather than face the truth and have to change its direction.

Scorpio is the eighth sign in our zodiac journey and is known as the sign of Transformation, the sign of Karma – ‘what goes around, comes around’, of the balancing of karmic debts.

Scorpio is emotional, transformative, crisis oriented with extremes of passion and feeling, frequently a battleground between the soul and the personality!  That's why there are two symbols for Scorpio - the scorpion for the personality, and the eagle for the soul.


Scorpio is about letting go of the past, releasing what has passed its use-by date, letting go of things which may be holding us back, clearing the way for the new to be born.
Scorpio releases the old to die (think compost, prunings), and transforms it from dark into light.  It is often referred to as the House of Death for its role in things gained through loss.

Scorpio is a water sign and is ruled by the planet Mars, known as the fiery planet of war. Scorpio’s passionate, emotional nature is easily triggered and can lead to very destructive results if allowed to run riot!
Mars brings us the passion and intensity, anger, bloodshed and opposition which frequently manifest in Scorpio.

The metal associated with Scorpio is crude iron, which must be transmuted into steel under intense pressure and heat to reach its full strength and potential – a rather apt metaphor for the human state!
 Scorpio is known as the sign of transformation, the ’house of death’ - death of the personality based choices, actions and decisions made in anger which keep us earth bound like the Scorpion, in order to free us from petty, small-minded living, and release us into the vastness of universal, spiritual consciousness.

Scorpio energies bring difficulties, conflicts, tests, crises –  which lead to plenty of opportunities to transform!

The opposite sign to Scorpio is Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of love-  bringing to us the energy of desire in all of its forms, from earthly, material, stubborn and selfish – to the desire for spiritual awareness and growth and the desire for the highest good for all creation.
It is easy to see why Scorpio can be such a battleground with so much intensity pushing us!  It all depends on where our focus is as to where the intense energies are played out!

Our scorpion-like behaviour is a fear reaction to the possible death of the personality – an attempt at physical self preservation.   
All fear ultimately comes back to the fear of death, of non-being.
Scorpio asks us to consider that we are more than just a physical body -  that we are “Spiritual beings having a human experience” -  and that it is the fear of death and its associated behaviours which is limiting our growth and freedom of being.
It is really the conquering of the rule of fear that we must learn in Scorpio.                  A big test, but necessary if we are to become the person we are meant to be.

If we successfully pass the tests of Scorpio, we are free to focus and develop the spiritual aspects of our being.
If we avoid the tests-  or fail them, we are destined to another years’ cycle of the zodiac wheel of lessons.
This is why the higher symbol of Scorpio is the Eagle, soaring free in ever widening circles up into the heavens, up into the light. 
You will often find an eagle carved on the lectern in Christian churches, the stand which supports the Bible, open for reading during services.
Since ancient Egyptian times, Eagles and Hawks have symbolised the Spirit, and were often used in paintings and carvings to portray the presence of Spirit.

It is said that, due to the altitude of its flight, the Eagle has the greatest overview and can therefore see things from a greater Spiritual perspective, unobscured by our normal, earth-bound vision.
This is why the tests of Scorpio push us out of our personality selves and move us closer to our eternal Spiritual Selves.

Our challenge is to change our old personality patterns of biting back, stinging and destroying, being defensive and reactive, so that we can become the Eagle of the Spirit.

Scorpio is a crisis – an opportunity to do things differently -  the challenge is the opportunity to change!

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