What is Self Confidence (and how do I get it?)

There have been reams of information written about self confidence and how to get it! Some of it is remarkably helpful and illuminating, much is not.

It reminds me very much of a building which has faulty foundations. All the surface attempts to fix it will only disguise the fault for a short time, only to reappear at a later date, perhaps in a slightly different form or place.

In order to remedy the problem properly, we have to fix the foundations.

It is much the same with self confidence. Self confidence comes from within - it is foundational - not something we add on the outside. It arises from the deep inner knowledge of yourself as first and foremost a Spiritual being. It acknowledges that you are having a human incarnation to gain experience in order to progress in understanding and awareness, and that this human experience limits for a time your infinite potential as Spirit, to be all you can be.

To really know ourselves as Spirit is to lay the strong foundations for Self confidence.

To see that we are a Soul, having a body to operate through, and that our task is to make the personality as close to the soul’s blueprint as possible, and that takes time and experience!

To realise that we will only be truly happy, healthy, and at ease when we are following the soul’s guidance, for that is what we are designed to do!

When we are able to live with this realization, we are tapping into the Universal store of energy, which is limitless. We see that there is no such thing as death – whether of the body or the personality.

That nobody can make us feel insecure unless we allow them to.

That another person’s view of us is just that – their view - and not necessarily reality!

When our own reality is rooted in Spirit, we can never be made to feel small – because Spirit is unlimited.

…and Spirit is the foundation of all that - what better foundation could there be?