Shamballa is the term used to describe a level of vibration.

‘As above, so below’ is a common understanding.

Just as we acknowledge the Crown centre, Sahasara chakra ( which is not physical ) as the point of highest vibration in the human system, so there is a corresponding centre on a higher, planetary level.

We talk about ‘coming from the highest level’, or ‘doing your highest and best’ and other similar words. ‘Lift your game’ is another common term used.
We are aiming to come from an overview perspective, for the good of the whole.
This comes from the highest vibration humans are capable of – the Crown centre.

Similarly, on planetary levels, there is a centre (not physical) which is called Shamballa – the ‘Centre where the Will of God is known’.

When we attempt ‘to lift our game’, we are aiming to attune to these greater levels of guidance so that we can be the best that we can be.

At the time of the Full Moon in Taurus, known as the Festival of Wesak, we are most able to access and use this awareness as the planetary alignments facilitate the free flow of such energies into humanity.