The Spring Equinox

For us here in the Southern hemisphere, September 21st is the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, the time when the length of night and day are equal, which heralds Spring and the return of the light, warmth and growth.

It is like a pause to take stock before we embrace a whole new period of growth and development.  It is the time when all nature re-awakens after the long dark months of winter.  Things that have been developing deep down in the dormancy of winter now begin to show that something was happening after all!

New life is evident everywhere and its energy is felt as a new enthusiasm for projects and ideas, a feeling of the wish to create in all its forms.  Crops are sown, projects begun, new ideas are put to the test – everyone feels lighter and more enthusiastic about life.

Again, it is no surprise that celebrations and festivals grew up to mark the joy of the sun’s return and all the bounty that would bring.
Many cultures celebrate the bounty of Spring with various festivals, sporting and culinary events.

In the Southern hemisphere, Spring is defined by the Zodiac months of LIBRA, SCORPIO and SAGITTARIUS.

Then as the days lengthen, the strength of the suns rays increase, which then gradually lead us into Summer and the Summer Solstice.