Spring Equinox 2019...

Spring has sprung!  -  and how welcome it is!

The blossoms are just beginning to burst and we all feel better for the sight of the sun becoming stronger each day. The increasing hours of daylight are noticeable, especially in the morning, which is a lovely start to a new day.

On 22nd September, here in the Southern Hemisphere, we reach the Spring Equinox, that major turning point of the year.  To the ancients this was a most significant time, as it heralded the ‘good times’ again – plenty of food, warmth, and longer, easier, lazier days.

(Naturally, in Northern climes, it is the opposite, as the Equinox heralds the start of autumn, with all of its attendant in-drawing and cooling energies.)

It is no coincidence that the Equinox occurs in the zodiac sign of Libra, the scales. It is a time of rebalancing energies before the next evolutionary step.

All growth is stimulated by an imbalance, and the consequent need to make adjustments to find balance on a new level. As humans, we often find this process quite disturbing, but imagine if there was nothing to push us out of our comfort zone – we would never willingly move or change or learn and evolution would be even slower than it is now!

Way back in prehistory, in the Lemurian period some 280 – 18 million years ago, the Earth was spinning on a vertical axis, and thus had no change of seasons to mark the passing of time.

It was a perfect climate all the time – the ‘garden of Eden’ - and therefore no need to move.

Then, due to some major cosmic event – an asteroid or a planet exploded and as a result, Earth was pushed into our present orbit and tilted to 23.5 degrees off its previously vertical axis, bringing about the seasons with which we now are so familiar, and the attendant constantly changing weather patterns.

In those pre-history times we didn’t evolve much, because we didn’t have to! There was no reason for adjustments when everything was near perfect all the time!

These constant changes brought about by the seasons have caused us to become more resourceful, more innovative, and to develop the ability to think ahead, plan and prepare for leaner times.

It has helped us to develop the brain and intellect, and the resulting technology which drives our world today. These challenges have enhanced our ability to evolve and adapt to multiple scenarios, in order to survive in many different situations.  They are part of our spiritual evolution, just as much as they are part of our physical evolution, for without the development of physical consciousness, there can be no Spiritual consciousness.

So………… as we return to the balance of Libra and the Equinox, remember to enjoy and savour the brief experience of equilibrium, before we are catapulted into the next stage of our development!