It’s Summer!

Oh how we long for it! Here in Melbourne we ‘hang out’ for those long summer evenings and bright sparkly mornings!

For many of us it is also the time of Summer holidays, Christmas festivities, feasting with friends and family, and that very welcome break from routine.

Every year it is the same – and yet we are always surprised when it really heats up and we need to head for the beach or the pool!

Summer is the most light filled and warm part of the year – our food growing period, when all the plants put on the spurt of productive growth before the heat fatigue sets in.

The Summer Solstice marks the maximum light exposure here down South, before the sun begins its return journey to the Northern Hemisphere.

Here at Gita, it is also the time of our Christmas Solstice Festival, when we review the year’s happenings and give thanks for all the learnings of the year.

And what a year it has been for us all! I don’t think there is one person we have met this year who has not had some incredible story to tell or amazing incident to share.

Much of the pressure has been on us to clean up our lives of unnecessary emotional and mental clutter and get ready to move into the New Age of energy ahead.

This includes learning to think clearly and simply and accurately, as well as having a strong view of what we want to create for the future.

Currently, we are very loose and muddled in our thinking, hence the very messy politics and world affairs. To go forward, we will have to tidy up our thinking, clarify our visions and make sure they are for the greater good of all.

As the Summer break also heralds the coming in of the New Year, it is also time when many of us make new year resolutions about improving our health and well-being with new exercise programs and eating regimes.

Perhaps this year it would be useful to take a more expansive Aquarian approach and look at the overview of our life as a whole, rather than the ‘bitsy’ perspective we usually take! We often tend to set goals on fitness or flexibility or weight loss in isolation, rather than making the more wholistic connections with the rest of our lifestyle.

For too long we have looked at life from this specialist perspective – looking only at the parts, rather than the whole! Fortunately current health research is heading back to an integrated approach and seeing that it is not possible to treat any one part of us separate from the rest.

Everything we do - eat, exercise, read, watch, think, speak, will affect everything else!

It is not possible to isolate our selves energetically from everything else – energy is everywhere and is all-pervading.

This is what the Ancient yogis taught us so many centuries ago – and why the Gita yogic system we have been blessed with is so pertinent today - it addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

We can really only be a whole person when we address all parts of our being.

We can really only be the best version of ‘us’ when we are ‘whole’ – otherwise we are an incomplete person – a broken or unfinished version of what we were intended to be.

Surely we owe the world more than that?

New Year’s Resolutions?

‘D.M.H.’ – Do more Hatha! Gita Yoga works on all levels of our being – Body Mind and Spirit. The more Hatha we do, the more awake we will be to becoming all we could be. We will balance our body systems, synchronize our body rhythms and co-ordinate our physical movements for best use of energy.

We will tire less and be more productive because we are more awake and conscious!

Get Real!

- Avoid ‘laboratory’ produced meals masquerading as food!

Aim to eat and drink only recognizable things that nature produces! We have campaigned for years against animal testing, and yet now we are choosing to buy and ingest toxic foods made with unknown chemical combinations, which is sold under the guise of food! This has been shown to be the source of many of the seemingly incurable chronic diseases in the world today.

We are paying high prices for obtaining it and many more dollars for having eaten it!

We are being used as laboratory rats to test things without our knowing! Better we eat real, nutritious food made in our own kitchens than become part of an uncontrolled science laboratory experiment of which nobody knows the outcome.

Learn something new every day!

Challenge yourself to do something unfamiliar, difficult, or out of your comfort zone every day. This will cause you to create new neurons and cause brain cells to work more effectively, keeping you young and active longer.

Take a new route somewhere, try a different part of the market or shopping centre, or experiment with unfamiliar cuisines. Learn to cook, dance, sew, speak a new language, paint or draw (you can just enjoy doing it for yourself, don’t worry what others might think!).

All these suggestions are small and do-able – you just have to decide you will do them – and keep on doing them!

There will be times when others think you are mad or even crazy for doing the things you do – that’s OK! Remember, it’s your life and only you can live it!

Happy 2019!