Energies of Aquarius

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in our yearly journey around the Zodiac.
This yearly journey through the signs gives us the opportunity to learn and review the lesson each sign offers to us.  

The symbol for Aquarius is the man carrying a pitcher of water, pouring out the waters of knowledge for thirsty humanity, for it is through knowledge that we progress, achieve and evolve.                                                                                     (Why else would parents work hard to be able to give their kids a good education?)

Our task in Aquarius is to learn to share – knowledge, understanding, energy, resources, wealth, spaces, ideas, insights, everything!  To understand that nothing really belongs to anyone – we are just custodians of it for a time, and that when we hoard and refuse to share, we just block the flow of Universal energy and deprive ourselves of the very life force we are seeking to keep.
The element of air, the Aquarian element, is common to all manifestation and is a symbol of universality, as is the pouring out of the energy of life from the amphora the figure carries.  Knowledge shared for the good of the whole.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, known as the ‘disturber’, the ‘awakener’ – the one who stirs things up, makes us think outside the box, look at things differently.
                                                                                                                                Uranus creates change/transformation, thus releasing power for action, something humanity badly needs at present if we are to alter our current climate of greed, corruption and selfishness.  

Uranus is challenging us as humanity to grow up and instead of being ‘homo-sapiens’, to embrace our spiritual self to become Spiritual man – ‘HOMO  LUMENS’  -  enlightened humanity!

The opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo the Lion, ruled by the Sun, representing our Spiritual self, the highest form of Truth.  The lesson of Leo, to be fully true to our self, must be learned before we can hope to become the World server in Aquarius.  Opposite signs act like a magnet – the two polarities create a flow of energy, a pathway for growth.

Aquarius is the second of the three final ‘service signs’ -  the tenth sign,  Capricorn, the sign in which we move beyond our little self; the eleventh sign, Aquarius, the sign where we learn to think and act inclusively for the good of the whole;  and finally, the twelfth sign, Pisces, the sign of the world Saviour.

Interestingly, in the Bible, Jesus talks about Aquarius when he tells the disciples to “look for the man carrying the pitcher of water and follow him to the house and enter in …..”

He also tells the disciples he is giving them a new commandment – the eleventh one – “that you love one another as I have loved you

It seems he was challenging them to think ahead into the New Age of Aquarius when his teachings about the brotherhood of man would hopefully be more fully understood and implemented.

This is our task now, as we enter the Aquarian Age – to see ourselves as part of the whole – not as a separate entity loosely connecting to others. To see ourselves as an integral and crucial part of a greater unity, fully involved in its success and evolution.  To envisage the vastness of potential in that entity, and the excitement of evolving with it and contributing to its growth.


This is our task as homo sapiens aspiring to become Homo Lumens, to pour out the waters of knowledge so that humanity can go forward into a greater wholeness of being and truth.  It is our joining together with a common goal and intent which will focus the energies and make miracles possible!

Join us in meditation at the time of the Full Moon, and add your energy and intent for a better and fairer world.                                         The Aquarian Full Moon is on Monday 21st January AEDT