The Month of Aquarius

Currently there is so much unrest in the world – mostly to do with the perceived inadequacies of the status quo, that which has ruled from past times. Confusing and challenging as it may be, there is a demand for change coming from many quarters, all wanting a better and fairer world order.

The recent call for the Saudi regime to rethink how the male guardianship system controls women, as a result of the request of Rahaf Mohammed for asylum, is a perfect example of this.

So what sort of changes does Aquarius want?


*  Truth as the basis of all actions.
*  Self-responsibility  - own your stuff - good or bad!
*  Group awareness - how do my actions (or lack of) affect others?
*  Awareness that everything is energy and that…
*  …Energy cannot be contained or limited.
*  It is the time of the Apocalypse - the hidden will be revealed!
This links back to the first point - if we are living in truth, it won’t matter that things cannot be hidden or contained.


Can you imagine how beautiful our world would become?
If we did not have to fund armies, police and security forces, can you imagine how much money would be freed up?

If we had no need to run prisons and a judicial system, there would be funds for more creative research and positive programs to enrich our lives.

When people are collaborative instead of combative, tasks would be completed with minimum time and effort, and maximum satisfaction, leaving more time for creative pursuits and leisure.

There would be only the positive, strengthening stress in striving for higher goals and ideals, rather than negative, destructive stress.
Humanity would progress very rapidly mentally, and would soon be able to access the higher brain functions like telepathy - no need to remember to charge your mobile phone - you won’t need it any longer!
And gone that wrestling with Internet connections and websites that don’t work.  We would just need to go into the quiet meditative space and have access to all knowledge (…and understand it all too!).

And those ever problematic passwords - forget them, we wouldn’t need them any more!

These things might sound a very utopian pipe dream, but they are all possible!  
Look at the list of Aquarian attributes once again, and see that they are all possible with minimal effort - if we all committed to it (…and why wouldn’t we, when there is so much to gain?)

It is only those who feel that they lack, who seek to go against those principles - whatever the magnitude of the lack may be.
They may be jobless and not have a roof over their head - or they may be very wealthy but feel they need a greater wealth than others to feel safe and secure in the world.

Whatever the story, it is only when we really recognise our place in the greater, energetic whole that we will find peace and security, and release the need to gain ‘advantage’ over others.

This is the message of Aquarius.  This is the freedom we seek!

Can you see it is within our grasp if we only actioned it?

We can’t action it for others, but we can make it our own New Year project, and see what effect we can have on the world at large, because it will affect more than just us – that is the law of energy!

By doing so, we will be playing our part in changing the world! – and who knows, that might just be our Soul’s purpose – the reason we incarnated this time round!