The Month of Aries

Aries   21 March – 20 April

Aries is the starting point for the new Zodiac year.  It heralds the beginning of the yearly journey through the twelve signs, encompassing the twelve lessons which we each must learn, review, or refine in our life’s journey.

The subtlety of the influences bring innumerable nuances in how these lessons are applied and played out in our lives and circumstances.

Aries is the sign of the Ram, a fire sign ruled by Mars, the fiery planet of war.  It is a First Ray sign, a sign of great initiating power and energy, and bestows the courage to start something new.
Known as the inaugurator, the source, the beginning, a time of re-birth, re-creation, new beginnings, as it coincides with Northern Hemisphere Spring and the return of life after the cruel cold of winter.

It is the opportunity to make a fresh start on a higher turn of the spiral of evolution.

Aries is the initiator of change, it gets things moving - it is the inaugurator.   Therefore, it is also the destroyer of the old, removing blockages and impediments in order that the new can be built.
In this respect, it also can create conflict, if we resist its rocket launch energy!

It is the progenitor of new ideas, ambition, and projects - ready to go.


Aries is a fire sign.
- Fire ignites, fuels, drives, propels, but it also destroys and burns.
- Fire purifies – burning off all ‘the dross’, making things new - (think the transformation of alchemy)
- Fire illuminates, revealing things hidden in the dark
- Fire is the causative spark at the heart of every atom

Aries is the first of the three ‘initiating signs ‘– Aries, Taurus and Gemini, which form the Trinity of creation.  These are known as the three great spiritual festivals of the year.

ARIES – Easter – the Festival of the Christ, the ‘Way-shower’
                      (Read more on Aries and Easter here)

TAURUS – Wesak – the Festival of the Buddha, the’ Light Bringer’

GEMINI – the Festival of Humanity and the ‘right use of the Will.’

This is the basis of the Trinity, which occurs in all religions, and cultures and seen everywhere in creation.  These energies, when perfectly balanced, give us the power to achieve all that is possible. This is through the flow of Love, focussed by the Mind, and directed by our Will.

Aries gives a ‘kick start’ to the new cycle of growth and development and another chance to aim for the right balance.


Humanity is now at a stage when it can use this energy for practical, forward impetus, to bring about the needed changes in thinking and action to allow the highest and best for all the earth.   We have certainly experienced the destructive aspect for some time, now let’s collectively aim to use the impetus to build the new.

‘Energy follows thought’, the ancient wisdom teachings tell us.

If, as a united humanity we put this into practice, we could channel the energies of Aries into building the world anew, free from greed and corruption, war and destruction, and start to turn the tide of hopelessness so many are experiencing in our world today.

It is possible!  Nothing is ever created without it first being a thought.  If many people focus on creating a new and better, more equitable world, then according to Universal law, it must come about!  If a large number are really holding that thought, changes will come about more quickly.

This is the reason many people gather at the time of the Full Moon in Meditation to unitedly focus their intention.  
At the Full Moon the flow of electro-magnetic energy towards earth is at its strongest, because there are no planets shielding the earth for this brief time.

This electro-magnetic energy is strongly felt by the human nervous system, which is one of the finest receptors for this.
It heightens our perception, stimulates our brain and heart and opens us up to higher impression from the spiritual worlds.

We all know that the moon affects the tides  -  imagine how sensitive we are as our bodies are 70 – 80% water!  ( scientists have said they can measure the tidal change even in a coffee cup!).
When we gather together with shared intent at this time, the energies for good are concentrated and focused and it is much easier to meditate.

The fiery energy of Aries charges and stimulates the spark of Divinity in every form, causing it to advance and progress in its evolutionary journey.  It is a ‘shock’ for our own inner flame – an invitation and a challenge to lift our game and grow, to become more of what we were meant to be!

That is why Aries is the sign of re-creation, of re-birth and new beginnings.
It is a chance to re-shape our life, to renew our intent and to refine our energies.  There is great power flowing, to be used for positive change. If we do not use it for moving forwards, then that power is frustrated and distorted and will bring about conflict and destruction, which will then play out in our individual lives and in the world at large.

We are now starting a new cycle of intent, another step up the evolutionary ladder.   It is empowering!

Focus the energies of Aries for yourself – and then uplift them to channel them for higher good, used to enable the world to become all it could be!

If we each play our part, things will change, for Aries is the place where the initial idea to institute activity takes form.  It is the birthplace of ideas, and a true idea is in reality a spiritual impulse taking form…………

The ARIES Full Moon is on Saturday 31st March at 11:37pm AEDT time.

Listen to the meditation here

Please join us in focussing the energies for Peace.



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