The Month of Aries - a new beginning

As we come to the start of a new cycle, we are moving upwards onto a higher turn of the spiral. This brings with it new expectations and responsibilities, just as when we were at school.

Life is a journey and Earth is the schoolroom in which we are expected to learn our lessons. How long we take to learn the lessons is up to us! We may apply ourselves and progress fairly rapidly – or continually play up and refuse to learn – and then find ourselves repeating the same lesson over and over again!

Perhaps the start of a new cycle is a good time to assess our progress, see where we have left the lessons unfinished, and aim to complete them as soon as possible, so that we can graduate and move on!

Many people are feeling stuck in their lives at present, so now is a good time to stop and review what really matters to you in life, and ascertain if you are moving meaningfully towards it or mindlessly drifting away from it.

Start the new cycle with a renewed intent to make your future the way you want it to be - with you in charge of driving change in the direction you want to go.

Aries is the sign of new beginnings, so it is the ideal time to review our lessons and set targets for achieving them!

This is the secret to having self- confidence and a clear direction in life.

It is having the strength of your own convictions and the determination to carry them through to completion.

Remember, if we don’t know where we are going, how will we know when we get there?

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