The Month of Cancer

Cancer, the crab, trapped in his shell, wearing his skeleton on the outside for protection, he is 50% water and 50% earth...
Cancer is a perfect metaphor for the freedom of Spirit limited by its imprisonment in matter - the Spirit encased in the hard shell of the personality!

Cancer the crab is a water sign, ruled by the Moon, which makes it feminine, receptive, psychic, and emotional (remember our body is approximately 80% water, so the pull of the Moon causing the tides has a very big effect on us too!).

Human emotions are all about water, especially tears!   Thus the sign of Cancer can be one of great personality and emotional intensity.

This makes us very sensitive to the astral (emotional) world, and especially to mass opinions, media, and group actions, which can often be very negative, but can also be powerful times for awareness of the need for change.

Cancer is the sign of the home, our personal, material sense of security and nurturing, and the instinct for self-preservation.  This means the personality can easily dominate, as our physical self is often challenged to allow us to learn that we are not our body - it is merely a vehicle through which the Soul can operate.   We need to realise that, as a soul, we chose to come into a body in order to gain more experience and grow in wisdom and understanding.

 A person born in the sign of Cancer is often known as an “Earth Mother”, a person who loves to create things which will nurture and support others - a home maker.

 As somebody once said to me, (having a Cancer rising), “You could make a lovely home from an old cardboard box!”

The opposite sign to Cancer is Capricorn - known as the ‘gateway to Spirit’ - the sign in which (ideally!) we have learned all our earthly lessons, and can move on to become World Servers.  

As we experience, we create Karma - and the ability to learn from our experiences!  How long this takes us, is up to us.  The Universe provides the conditions - it is up to us to use those conditions to grow!

So, what does all this mean for us today, as we traverse the Zodiac month of Cancer?

It is likely to be a time of high emotional sensitivity.

There will likely be many media campaigns built on fear and negativity.

There will likely be a high rate of psychic infection of fears about security and borders.

There will be challenges to our own sense of security  - our home, body, physical possessions.

It will likely involve water, as Cancer is a water sign ( I’ve heard it said that more rain falls in Cancer than other times!)

It will intensify situations that will bring hidden things to the surface.

So what to do?

Earth the energy - get outside into daylight and sun, where possible.  We have enough ‘moonshine’  - we need sunshine!

Add more light – pull the blinds fully up, curtains back, turn on more, brighter lights.

Get outside and walk, do more pranayama and extra Gita hatha classes to balance the emotions.