The Month of Cancer

Cancer, the crab, is the fourth sign on our Zodiac journey.   It is a water sign, ruled by the moon, and typifies the collective unconscious, group thought forms, and the energy of the mass of humanity.

Cancer is known as the gateway into matter, for it is the sign in which we begin our physical journey of growth as a soul having a human, earthly experience.

It is in the sign of Cancer that we bring together the great primary triangle of energies of Aries, Taurus and Gemini - the great causative energies of Love, Light and Power - and build a vehicle, a body to enable us to experience and grow and become all we could be.

Cancer is the sign in which we leave our heavenly, spiritual home and commit to physicality in order to put theory into practice. Hence the symbol of the crab is most appropriate. We have the tender, pure sweet meat of the crab, like the finely vibrating spiritual being we all are, encased in the hard, slow vibration of the difficult, limiting shell of matter.

 And just as the crab uses his shell for protection, he can also allow it to become his prison, for in order to grow, every so often the crab has to shed its shell and become soft and vulnerable for a time, until he grows a new shell. If the crab doesn’t shed - he cannot grow, and will die.

So it is with us - we need to be vulnerable enough to experience, or we will not grow! We have to let go of the barriers and limitations and fears if we are to grow and become the whole, beautiful people we were meant to be - otherwise, the old habits and patterns will become our prison, and the spirit within us will become limited and shriveled, as if it were dead.                                                                                                (N.B. Spirit is - it cannot die - but we can limit its expression so much by a personality out of control, that it can seem as though the Spirit had died within.)

The crab is new at this game of life, and sticks together with the mass, the crowd, for security. Because he is ruled by the moon, he is tidal and emotional, reacting, pulled helplessly by outside forces. He lives his life 50% in the water and 50% on earth, never quite sure where he belongs.

So what is the message for us, here and now, in this time of Cancer?  Cancer is the sign of the ‘common man’ - the general public, the consumer, the ‘everybody’.

Understanding these traits will help us deal with the ups and downs of the Month of Cancer, no matter what our own zodiac sign happens to be.

Cancer is the time of emotional campaigns run on fear. Is a time when we are more vulnerable to emotional manipulation via advertising and media.  We are also more sensitive to criticism, rejection, and fear, our emotions are felt on a raw level - we feel more open, receptive and vulnerable than usual, and thus tend to want to protect ourselves from the cruel, harsh world by withdrawing into our shell, just like the crab!

These are times when we can most grow - if we dare to let ourselves!  This is why we are constantly challenged - to give us a new experience, to develop a new awareness, to test a newly won strength.  It is all about evolution and becoming more than we were.

Use the time of Cancer to go within a little more, to get in touch with what is really going on inside, and then dare to go out and confront the challenges and grow!