The Month of Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth sign in our Zodiac journey and has as its symbol the goat.  A very apt symbol, for the goat is always is seeking the highest vantage point.  It is often shown climbing a mountain.  

Capricorn is known as one of the most mysterious of the zodiac signs for it is the gateway into the spiritual worlds, just as its opposite sign, Cancer, is the gateway into the physical world.

Perhaps it is easier to understand if we say that the threshold over which we all as individuals will have to step in Capricorn, is the goat transforming into its higher counterpart, the Unicorn.

At what point and in what way that transformation takes place, is peculiarly individual.  We each have to face the tests and make the transformation alone and within our own being, even though the outer circumstances may involve others and our interaction with them.

It is at this point of the transformation that we leave behind forever our own little, personal, separated selves, and move into the greater Self of ‘our, we, and us’.

From this point on we no longer think of self first, but only of how we affect the greater Wholeness, of which we are now a conscious, active part.

Now, the goat becomes the Unicorn!      

The goat with his individualistic ambitions, striving for the advantage on a personality level, transcends his worldliness and becomes the universal creature – the Unicorn!

His two goat’s horns, symbolising the dualism of personality and soul, spirit and matter, now are transformed into a one-pointed intent to serve the Spirit.

There is a legend, persisting from somewhere around the beginning of the second Millennium, about the power and elusiveness of the Unicorn.

It was said to be a mythical creature, having the body of a pure white horse, with just one, beautiful, long white horn in the centre of its forehead.

It was very elusive, for no-one ever managed to catch a Unicorn, though countless expeditions were mounted after reported sightings.

Strangely, those who recorded close encounters with Unicorns, were always beautiful young virgins, alone in a forest clearing when the Unicorn came to them, lay down beside them and voluntarily rested its head in her lap.

So ……..What is this saying to us?

Let us look at the symbols – for symbols are the keys to the language of inner knowing.

The Unicorn – has the form of a pure white, finely bred horse                                      – our intellect purified and refined, Spiritual development.

In most instances, it is pictured without wings, yet it can fly as lightly and easily as a bird -  our intellect, well trained and disciplined, once purified, and refined of all the heavy negative dross, can fly free like a bird, to the farthest reaches of the Universe.

The single horn – sometimes described as being made of a precious metal, or mother of pearl  -  in the middle of the forehead.  Pearls are transmuted tears, hence the choice for the Unicorn’s horn.

It represents our intuition, our soul awareness and thus our ability to connect with Universal consciousness.  This ability only emerges after we have fully developed all of the five physical senses and used them for the highest good of all.  This costs time and effort, hence the symbol of something precious.

And why are Unicorns so elusive?  Why can they never be captured or trapped?

Spiritual Development can never be forced  - it comes as a result of following the Universal Laws,  of living a life of pure intent and ever increasing purity.  It comes when we lose our ‘little selves’ in World Service.

The virginal maid  -   Surely this is a bit Medieval?

Again look at the symbolism more closely.

The Virgin – the pure - untouched, untainted by the world’s selfish emotions and self-satisfying desires.  Complete within herself and therefore capable of unconditional, God-like love because she has a sense of Self – Self-esteem, Self-worth.

The Maid – the female aspect is the negative, receptive aspect of creation.  We can only hear the inner voice when we are still, quiet and receptive – never when we are active, noisy and busy.  No wonder the Unicorn-hunting parties were never able to find their quarry!

The Forest Clearing – represents the confusion of things around us – the things which overwhelm us.  The clearing is the inner space we make for ourselves in this busy world.

The whole story is about finding your higher life connections, of becoming conscious, of re-centring in the spiritual worlds – not about whether or not you are female and still a virgin!   Look at the qualities symbolised by the story, for these are the key issues, not the gender.

Capricorn is the gateway to the new – new patterns, new ways of thinking, working and being for the future.

The destiny of Humanity depends on our response to these higher vibratory patterns.

Now the goat must become the Unicorn…  

Individual ambition for personal advantage must give way to selfless effort to achieve for all humanity.  From this point on, our thoughts can be focussed on how we affect the greater wholeness of which we are an active conscious part.   

We must start to affect others by the changes achieved within self.

During the Full Moon in Capricorn, we can take time to be still and focus on the energy for transformation in self in order that the whole may benefit.

Determined to climb – set your goals high!