The Month of Capricorn

On Sat 22nd December we move into the Zodiac sign of Capricorn.

This also happens to coincide with the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice – the time when ‘the Sun appears to stand still’ - a busy time in the Heavens indeed!

It is interesting that the symbol for Capricorn is the goat, always ambitious and wanting to climb higher and higher. No obstacle is too great or perilous to try to reach!

There is an amusing memory of many years ago, when a friend had just taken delivery of a brand new car and we went on a long car trip to outback Queensland to visit some distant relatives of hers. It was out near Roma and the land was completely flat for miles around. When we arrived, we parked the car and went into the homestead for refreshments and a catch up.

Imagine our dismay on return, to see the car roof adorned with several large goats, who had seen the car as a great opportunity to climb up onto something at last, seemingly not at all deterred by the slippery new ducco ! The sight of them dancing on the roof and bonnet of the brand new car will never be forgotten as a graphic example of Capricorn always seeking the highest point!

The newer symbol for Capricorn is the Unicorn – the beautiful white horse with a single horn on its brow. The goat has now transformed into a superb white horse, the two horns of the goat which formerly indicated the earthy duality of the personality, have now become the single horn of the Unicorn, indicating the deep inner knowing, or the intuition, which comes from Soul contact.

Now the heights needing to be scaled are the spiritual ones. The gaining of insights and knowledge from the higher spiritual levels are the goal, the one pointed focus is towards greater knowledge and understanding, which will aid all of humanity to move forwards into greater peace and freedom.

No wonder the Solstice was chosen as the time for the celebration of Light for Humanity. This so called ‘pagan’ Solstice festival was later adopted by early Christianity as the time for celebrating the birthday of Jesus the man, who became the Christ – the Way-shower for the Age of Pisces.

If we look at the attributes of Capricorn, we can see clearly their influence in our Christmas rituals. The wish for ‘peace on earth, goodwill towards men’, the dressing up of our homes to look their best for Christmas, and the giving of gifts with which we aim to uplift the recipient.

If we look at the attributes of Jesus, we can see His one pointed mission, His aim to give humanity a clear overview of life, and His constant reassurance that we also could gain the spiritual insights we needed by learning to become one-pointed and focused as He was.

A typical Capricorn energy indeed!