The Month of Gemini

GEMINI   - ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods                                                          (today we would refer to this as the intellect)
                  - the sign of the twins - one representing the personality,                                      and the other the soul

It is an air sign, which is common to all of us, and is typified by the use of the internet today, sending thoughts and ideas through the air at the speed of light.  It is part of the process of bringing Humanity together as a group to create a better world by focussing on the Soul.

A balanced triangle is pure creative energy which will bring change at the source, rather than at the end result.   To operate fully at the next level in this New Age of Aquarius, we need to learn to work with causes, not effects.  (Remember, science tells us our world and all within it is an effect, not a cause  -  exactly that which the ancients  called MAYA!)  

We need to learn to make changes in what we think so that what is created will be in line with what the Soul intended, and not needing to be altered later.  In other words, we need to fix our intention, not try to alter the final outcome!

This is why the new world of 21st Century will be operating in a world of energy awareness, not a specific place!

GEMINI is a dual sign, and focuses on the mind or intellectual development ideally directed by the soul

The understanding for the need to have two polarities for anything to exist, appeals to our modern sense of scientific reason and logic.

In this day and age, when we rely on the use of the mind, scientific proofs, double blind trials, and the like, it is important to make sure we are balancing our decisions with love, mind and will in equal proportions.

It is interesting to note that the opposite sign to Gemini is Sagittarius, the sign of the archer, shooting his arrow toward the Sun, source of his life and being.  In order to effectively reach the target, he must be balanced, steady and focused.  In other words, the mind has become totally soul-directed and is perfectly balancing the three aspects of the triangle.

Gemini Full Moon

The Gemini Full Moon is the third of the three Great Yearly Spiritual festivals.

Aries - the festival of Easter - symbolised by the Christ

Taurus - the festival of Wesak - focussed by the Buddha

Gemini - the festival of Humanity - ideally when Humanity puts into practice the lessons learned from the previous two festivals.


If we see these 3 aspects as the 3 sides of a triangle, each one having a specific emphasis – the Easter focus is on the LOVE aspect, Wesak focuses on the LIGHT, or Mind/Consciousness, and now the third aspect of the triangle is the WILL – the component that humanity is meant to contribute to the creation of a better world.

Love and Mind/Consciousness without a Will to move, go nowhere!

Mind and Will  without Love can become lethal!

Will and Love minus the balance of Mind ends up as interference...

We need Will,  Mind and Love, to bring about a balanced flow of energy to allow evolution to proceed in a graceful and positive way.

The energies of the Full Moon in Gemini give us the opportunity to pull all of this together, so that we can build a more positive future. It is the perfect demonstration of the Aquarian energies in action.

The Gemini Full Moon completes the triangle of energy for Creation

    - of a new world order

        - of a new way of thinking and being

The Full Moon in Gemini is also known as the Festival of Goodwill and since 1952, is designated as World Invocation Day.

Goodwill is positive, constructive and creative.  It heals cleavages, emotional and mental barriers and leads to understanding.  The energy of Goodwill is in everyone – we just need to find ways to release it !

‘A few people of Vision are more potent than all the armies of the world  -  they can introduce changes, if they stand for their Vision’

    ‘Vision is a dynamic idea in the process of manifestation’

‘A group of people infused with true spiritual purpose, are invincible’

The lower kingdoms  and vibrations in nature are dependent on the efforts of conscious humanity to uplift them and allow them to grow and evolve. This is part of our task as conscious souls, contributing to world evolution.

Working consciously at the time of the Full Moon in Gemini is part of fulfilling this task.  Please join us as we seek to build a better world.