The Month of Leo

The sign of the Lion, filled with courage, a sense of pride in self, a truly unique individual!

Often regarded as an egotistical sign, it is in reality, the first step towards becoming a spiritual human!

In Leo, we recognise ourselves as an individual, with individual likes and dislikes, opinions, and abilities. We develop our personality to better serve the purposes of the incarnating soul.

At first it may be very ‘I, me, mine’, but in time, this will pave the way for the energies of Aquarius, the opposite sign in which we are sharing in humanitarian group work.

Leo is the first step towards becoming a Spiritual human in the opposite sign of Aquarius.

Leo is often called ‘the king of the beasts’, due to the mighty potential in the power of a self-responsible individual, and the power of such to lead and inspire others.  A true leader has a highly developed sense of self and a fully developed personality, directed towards the service of others.

Conversely, an egotistical leader is likely to become a dictator, serving only his own selfish desires!
Perhaps this is why there are few great leaders in the world today…

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is the symbol of Light, Life and Consciousness.  
It is expansive, fearless, and brings warmth and growth - sensitivity to light is a test for consciousness.

The Lion is called the  ‘king of the jungle’, due to his ability to be conscious and aware at all times, wisely guiding his family and keeping them all safe and secure.  To the ancients, the full shaggy mane of the lion was the perfect metaphor for the full sun and its surrounding corona, which shone everywhere.

It was the lion’s power to see the overview of the terrain, and his ability to stay calm and focussed in times of danger, so that he could act for the good of the whole, which bestowed the title of ‘ruler’ or ‘king’.   

There is another similarity between the mighty lion and us – the ‘King’ is a ruler of the jungle, with all of its wild parts and wayward bits – he keeps all in order in order that the whole can thrive. It is exactly the same with us !

If we are to thrive, we need to rule the jungle of our own personality with all of its untamed and wayward parts – especially the bits which endanger the wellbeing of the whole – the bits which do not take into account the effect they have on others and their wellbeing, and which if left untamed, ultimately undermine our own sense of self and inner strength.

A lion who has dealt with all these shadow parts will be strong and invincible indeed!

There is great power in Self Discipline, for ultimately it is the only true power. 

Leo must find his own ‘I’ - and then lose it in ‘we’ and ‘us’.