The Month of Leo 2019

Welcome to LEO - the sign of the Lion - strong, fearless, smart, a winner!  - or so the horoscopes say!

But are they really so invincible and strong?  Can they really always win?  Are they as unbeatable as the horoscopes say?

Let’s look at some lessons and qualities of Leo…

It is the fifth sign in our zodiac journey, and comes on the heels of our first foray into matter in the sign of Cancer, the crab.  Whereas Cancer was the sign in which we first took on a human body and left the realms of spirit in order to experience in matter, Leo brings us the challenge of individuality - ‘going it alone’. 

In Cancer, we had the support of the mass - we were a pack, a herd, a mass of undifferentiated crabs.

Now we are in Leo, we have to become a separate individual, first responsible for self, and then progressively throughout our incarnations, for others as well, until we are capable of becoming the leader for the mass.

It is one more step onwards in our evolutionary journey towards becoming a conscious spirit.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, full of light and consciousness, and is said to represent the fully awakened five senses, which give us the intellect - the will to know, understand, comprehend and illuminate.   Leo must use the mind to know and grow…

These senses must always be used in the pursuit of truth - a true lion imbued with truth is fearless and will lead humanity forward.

If you have ever seen a lion watching over his pride, you will become very conscious of the lion’s acute sense of awareness of everything around him.  It is as though he is weighing up every scent, every sound and rustle in the grass.  Nothing is missed, for the very life of his offspring depend upon it.

Oh, if only we would take that much notice of things around us? How much faster our evolution?  How much more we would learn more quickly? How much wiser would we be?

Maybe we would not be battling climate change?  Maybe there would be less people starving.  Perhaps the world would waste so much less?

Currently, we are suffering the results of the untamed lion of our personality, lost in the excesses of “I, Me, My”.  We are self-centred where we should be Soul-centred, we are focused in the personality instead of the Spirit, locked into selfishness instead of Selflessness.

You could say that as a race, we are not doing too well on our lessons on leadership!

And yet, as the Zodiac ever turns, we see the results of Leo in its opposite sign, Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer, the sign of humanity, now grown up and mature, able to share and create and build a better world.

Aquarius is humanitarian, working for the group good, sharing, networking, caring for the collective.

As we look around us today, we have the perfect example of these two extremes - the selfishness juxtaposed with the amazing and wonderful things being done, both by humanity and for humanity in the world today.

Humanity has the potential to go either way - it is up to us to put our energies where they will make most difference for positive change. 

 If we understand the driving forces of Leo, we can use the energies more wisely and fruitfully.

Everyone will be affected by the Leo energies , to some degree or another. Knowing where someone is coming from will make the situation much easier to handle.

So……….how to handle this month of LEO?

1. Recognise what you are dealing with.  Is it a Lion who has everything under control, or is it a frightened kitten, hissing and spitting, trying to look strong by using bluff and noise?

2. Have you gathered all the information?  A lion never moves until he has considered all options.  Consider carefully before you launch in.

3. Who is this for - the good of the whole, or will it benefit only a few?

 4. Have the courage of your convictions - A lion imbued with truth has power - you can make a difference!