The Month of Libra

The sign of Libra brings a welcome balancing point in our chaotic lives!

Just as the start of Libra heralds the Equinox when the day and night are equal and the real start of Spring here in the Southern hemisphere, so it also reminds us to bring some evenness and balance into our lives. See here for more info………

With its familiar symbol of the scales, Libra is the epitome of balance, justice and evenness, a time of pause for reflection and review, before the tests of Scorpio next month.

It is the Buddha’s Razor edged Path…

“I Choose the Way which leads between the two great Lines of Force”

Interesting that here in Melbourne, Libra often coincides with students ‘swat time’ before exams!

In Judaism, it marks the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur – the time in which all debts are to be settled and one’s affairs put in order, so as to enter the New Year unencumbered by the past. (the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar).

Libra is a time of conscious evaluation of our choices and adjusting our directions after the very inward focus of Virgo. Hopefully, this inward focus has allowed us to see the things in our lives needing adjustment and rebalancing.

It is a time to seek and recognise truth – something which may be an uncomfortable process for us at times! As we move toward the tests of Scorpio, now is the time to find our balanced centre point.

Extremes in anything will always require a re-balancing, a ‘correction’, whether they be financial, emotional, political or weather extremes!

Balance is really the point of truth – the centre point,

the fulcrum point of the seesaw of extremes.

On a world scale, everything is being weighed - and mostly found wanting!

It is a reflection of the current unbalanced state of Humanity.

We are being called to evaluate our actions and beliefs and release what is past and no longer useful for us - or just plain dangerous to our further growth and development.

We need to balance the drive to achieve and grow our material wealth and commerce with the need to respect the world’s people and resources

- Environment v’s Commercial gain

- People v’s machines and technology

- Quality v’s quantity

The ancient Egyptians applied ‘the principle of Maat’ - all things need to be in balance if we are all to thrive. This means in our individual lives, as well as in the world at large, and this means taking responsibility for our individual choices and decisions, knowing that they ultimately affect the greater whole.

Remember, balance is never static! It is in constant, dynamic motion, as is everything in the Universe.

Our choices need to be continuously monitored and adjusted – an attitude of “now we have got it right, don’t change anything” has totally missed the point!

If we are growing, there will be constant change and therefore, constant adjustment.

Balance is a temporary state - a point of pause before the next step in growth toward becoming closer to our self as a Spiritual Being having a human experience.