The Month of Libra 2019

Libra brings us an interlude between the quiet of Virgo and the tough tests of Scorpio.

It is a time of assessment of past actions and experiences, similar to the quiet listening in meditation – time to find the balance between the pairs of opposites.

In ancient Egypt, Libra was time to visit the principle of Cosmic harmony, symbolised by the Goddess Maat, depicted as a woman with outstretched arms, like wings, which needed to be balanced, in order that the world maintain its peace and productivity. 

Sounds like an excellent idea for our world at present!

Cosmically, we are being called to a great challenge to cleanse and release what is past and no longer needed – the fear, retaliation, hurt and anger – and replace them with love, joy, peace and openness. To develop the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, maintain our balance and still keep moving forwards. It is all about finding the balance between the desires of the Personality and those of the Soul, between self and others, between receiving and giving.

Extremes in anything always require a re-balancing, regardless of the subject – weather, political, financial, etc – whatever is out of balance will need a correction.

The point of balance is the point of truth, the point of harmony. This is a dynamic state of being, releasing much energy and power for forward movement.

It is the Buddha’s “Razor-edged Path” -  “I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force” - it breaks the impasse of crystalisation in order to move forward.

The sensitivity of Libra allows us to assess our lives and actions more closely and truly, so we can make the needed adjustments and allow our energy to flow more freely.  One small adjustment can dramatically change our balance! (think of walking a tightrope!)

Remember, the energies of Libra are never static – they are always in constant motion.  Our choices need to be continually monitored and adjusted to the everchanging circumstances of life.  If we are growing, there will be constant change and therefore, constant adjustment.

Think of life like a bird – it needs two wings to fly. Each wing requires more or less input at various times in order to move forward towards its goal.

Libra symbolises sensitivity and the ability to assess and adjust, according to the needs of the time. This allows us to continually adjust our priorities in order to stay on track.

Libra is time to restore the principle of MAAT – Cosmic Harmony – the heart weighed against the feather of Truth

“Act! …for by not acting, there is a choice by default”